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fisheggs November 26th 04 12:04

Re: EpDis: Believers
I gave it a C and that was generous!It rehashes an idea I see all too often, that a parents religious views trump life, God will heal them if it's His will :rolleyes:. Or the infamous, they aren't covered completely so they had to return to the burning building or God will be offended. The premise that they can't be cut into is IMO ridiculous!! If you get a paper cut do you loose your soul? The acting was of course excellent and Kosh's line was pure Vorlon, but I personally found the premise flawed.

KoshFan November 26th 04 13:53

Re: EpDis: Believers
Probably the best part of this episode was how Sinclair was involved in the situation. But of course we're all looking back on this episode with the advantage of hindsight. The story seems weak to us, spoiled as we are by the darkness of Seasons Three and Four, but the pure grimness of Believers was one of the warning signs that this would be no ordinary ST clone.

hypatia November 26th 04 14:33

Re: EpDis: Believers
I actually gave it a "B". People with almost equally strange religious views on medicine exist right here today on planet Earth. I find it hard to consider the premise all that hard to believe. Papercut means you have to be killed? No, just no major surgery.

I liked Franklin and Sinclair's interaction a lot. The sudden shift in attitude should have clued him in, though, as to what was going to happen.

And it was one of the first episodes to give you an idea that "this isn't Star Trek anymore". I gave the episode a B because I thought it was better than average, but I have a tough standard for "A" when it comes to B5. ;)

Shaal Mayan November 26th 04 15:45

Re: EpDis: Believers
That is one of the strongest points in this episode that this isn't a star trek style episode where the parents kept their religious beliefs at the end.In the boy would have died with or without the operation so everyone is right depending on there beliefs .Okay thats it from me.

Fas November 26th 04 16:21

Re: EpDis: Believers
How do you know Franklin would not have saved him?

Besides Babylon 5 is an Earth Alliance station... one thing is respecting the beliefs of other races, but Earth law is applied there or should. You would think the parents would be arrested for murder.

hypatia November 26th 04 16:43

Re: EpDis: Believers
You know, that's a thought that never occured to me. Were teh parents charged with a crime for this? B5 law is a bit vague, but out-right murder would almost certainly be covered, wouldn't you think?

Shaal Mayan November 26th 04 17:55

Re: EpDis: Believers
I don't think the parents were arrested for murder cause I think in the end it would be ruled even if they were charged it would come as religious beliefs or that the EA has no right to interfere with religious cultures but now I am sounding like STAR TREK. m

fisheggs November 26th 04 19:46

Re: EpDis: Believers
We are on the same page, but look ahead a couple of paragraphs :). The premise of the believers seemed to be that if their "shell' was broken ie by surgery, then the soul seeped out: major surgery/paper cut, bye bye soul is my reading on their beliefs. And maybe I didn't like it because I've met the parents evil-step-twins :cool:. Maybe if the kid had changed even a little bit then I might have had some sympathy. :confused: Again, for me, the "cause" was silly.

Jade Jaguar November 26th 04 20:02

Re: EpDis: Believers
I get your meaning about cuts. As a woodworker, I would think that there would not be many on their planet, unless they allowed "souless" woodworkers. I thought it was a reasonably good ep but, except for the ending, very Trek like. Not a favorite, but it did let you know that happy endings were not requisite on B5, a good sign on the first run.

vacantlook November 26th 04 22:47

Re: EpDis: Believers
I would say that Shon's parents seemed more concerned with "being cut into" not exactly being cut. So, I think their focus was on someone else cutting someone, not someone accidentally cutting oneself as a papercut would be.

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