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Lennier's Tears August 11th 15 17:37

Re: EpDis: Born To The Purple

Originally Posted by Wulf (Post 451821)
>video game
It seemed a Virish thing to do. I wasn't super-amused but it didn't take me out of the episode. At least, until they showed the front. Technology showing its age. I can understand not wanting to do some fancy sci fi VFX shot for it, but at least leave it to the imagination instead of showing us that it's lame.

Could be an antique ;)


>Gold Channel
I don't think it's ever a major plot point, but it comes up a few times over the series that civilian communications are expensive and unreliable. Military communications would need to be reliable to communicate in combat situations, but would likely have limited capacity.

It's the difference between a military "Red Phone" and Verizon placing a call. At least as I picture it.

Ivanova would use Gold Channel because her father will die at any minute. I can see that being important enough that you wouldn't want to get a "Please hang up and try your call again" midway through.

Also, it's a plot device, so there's that.
Yea, I can see that ... I guess I can't really say why I feel like the civilian communications seem to work just fine, because I can't think of any examples of it being used. Civilian TV seems to work just fine, though.


>Londo's disguise
I don't think it was supposed to hide that he was Centauri, just his hair. The longer a Centauri's hair, the higher his rank. Since he's probably the highest ranked Centauri on B5 it would be immediately obvious who he was even if nobody knew his face.
Good point, that.


Patriarchal societies can still have matriarchs. Not in the full "leader of the family" sense, but they can still have power. In a society as willing to assassinate and blackmail as the Centauri, I could easily see a woman being the power behind the power and it being well known enough for her to have her own respect.
That's all true. Women in patriarchal societies where men have all the official power don't just sit around doing laundry or whatever. They have their own networks and depending on the societal organization might indeed be the rulers of their households. I would imagine that in Centauri society there's DEFINITELY women who are the "power behind the power", as you say. That stuff tends to be "off the books", and not talked about by men. In the end, it's a word, and it could mean all sorts of things. He probably meant it in the sense of "dowager" or something. But I would LOVE if Centauri history was all worked out in great detail, and this was indeed a hint that they had a completely different society at some point.

Wulf August 11th 15 19:02

Re: EpDis: Born To The Purple
Civilian TV also has no requirement to be 100% live though. So it can buffer the show ahead of time and play it in complete chunks as needed.

I'm having trouble thinking of civilian uses of communication as well though. Isn't there something like that with the Mars troubles later on though? Or is that just a general communications blackout? I can't recall.

Lennier's Tears August 11th 15 20:46

Re: EpDis: Born To The Purple
Spoilers for seasons 3 and 4 below.

It's amazingly easy to forget details and whole plotlines. I sort of feel like I know everything that happens on Babylon 5. At least, the stuff we actually see happening on the show and in the movies, I'm not nearly as up to speed on all the stuff that happens in the books and comics, or the things that "So-And-So said in an interview one time". Yet, I keep finding that I have forgotten lots of things when I post in these threads. There was another episode thread where I couldn't remember that Anna Sheridan was indeed a confirmed archaeologist, not an unspecified scientist on a vessel sent to distant planets for all kinds of research, including archaeology. It's totally canon, Sheridan talks about it in "Thirdspace", and it's something I'd think I would remember. Yet, I obviously didn't :p

Anyway, yes, there is a communications blackout when Mars breaks away from Earth, all communication from Mars is cut off, and I think maybe when Babylon 5 breaks away from Earth they're sort of cut off, too. I have forgotten that, too :p

Karajorma July 22nd 18 09:10

Re: EpDis: Born To The Purple
I watched [/i]And there all the honor lies[/i] a little while back and there is the scene where Londo goes out of his way to be nice to Vir, but at the same time is cruel to him about him having his first hangover. I always thought it was a little unfair of Londo, a man who drinks that much tends to have sympathy for those who have similar afflictions.

When I rewatched this episode I suddenly saw what was really going on. Since it is Vir's first hangover, this is the first time Londo ever had a chance to get revenge.

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