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Lennier's Tears August 11th 15 17:49

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

Originally Posted by Wulf (Post 451817)
>Delenn's violent outburst
You just 'think' they were going to end up together? I thought that was a given. They get married (sortamaybe) in a few episodes, as I recall.

They do get maybe possibly married in "The Parliament of Dreams", I don't know about any other maybe possibly marriages :p
I know that them ending up together was the original plan, but I don't know how much of that is left in episodes, or the exact order in which the episodes were recorded. Thus, I don't know if the stuff I saw in this episode was meant to be hinting at that relationship, or if I'm just seeing things because I know the story was once meant to go in that direction.


The concept was neat, but funerals would get expensive if they're ejecting metal coffins into the sun for every random hobo death.
I dunno ... maybe they manufacture them locally from recycled ship parts or something :p


>Delenn - Grey Council / Setai
Nepotism at its finest, I tell you. She's far too out of control to have come by the position legitimately. I guess that explains the war though.
You think? Don't all the Grey Council members get nominated by someone on the council or something along those lines? I never felt like Delenn getting that position didn't make sense.


And why does an Earth database have the secret word Setai in it? In tG (See? The Gathering, I'm so in touch with the scene!) she almost kills G'Kar for mentioning it. I don't think Earth would know much about it.
I thought she was angry because he seemed to know that she was on the Grey Council, and threatening to spread that information, not because he knew the council existed. I can't actually remember the details of that scene, even though I just recently watched it :p

Wulf August 11th 15 18:02

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter
>GC membership
Didn't Delenn become a member when her mentor was killed and she just took his place? Her very first act was screaming to kill the humans, as I recall. From that point on, it's just been one emotional outburst after another. She does not have the poise required to make her a supreme co-leader.

>G'kar - Grey Council
Hmm, that scene might be worth a rewatch. I thought the entire existence of the council was a secret.

Lennier's Tears August 11th 15 18:34

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter
Some season 4 spoilers below.

You're correct about her first vote being the deciding one on whether or not to go to war with the Humans. As far as we can see, anyway. There might have been a more mundane vote that happened off-screen. But Delenn was definitely already on the council when Dukhat was killed.

In "Atonement" we can see flashback scenes to Delenn taking her place on the council. The trilumaniry glows when she holds up her hand and everyone is sort of surprised about this, except Dukhat. She's asking him about this after the ceremony. He's just about to tell her some important stuff when an alarm summons them to the Council chamber because unknown ships have been spotted. Dhukat's killed a little later. The way the scenes are cut makes it seem like it happened JUST after she joined the council, but still definitely after.

Wulf August 11th 15 18:55

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter
That rings a bell now. Apparently it's been long enough that I'm forgetting these things.

hypatia August 16th 15 03:08

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears (Post 451777)
I CAN come up with an explanation, but it's more convoluted than a simple "soul hunters can see the future due to their magic abilities". How would they be able to do this? Well. I think for one they are all strong telepaths. They can probably pick up on fear and murderous intent, and they must be exceptionally good at judging which situations are going to result in attempted murder, and which injuries can't be patched up. I seem to remember that in Atonement, we see the Soul Hunters show up before the Minbari and Human ships have made contact, which makes my theory a bit harder to defend ... Maybe they are time travelers :p

The way the first Soul Hunter acted, it could seem plausible that they have a sense of time that is kind of dispersed. They aren't as much "in the moment" in this reality as they are spread out over a sequence of moments, able to see somewhat into the future, but kind of losing a sense of attachment to the present as a cost.

I suspect JMS intended something more on the lines of telepathic ability, as you say. It's always interesting to speculate. :cool:

The other Soul Hunters we eventually meet seem more grounded than our first, rather intense, one. And I loved the chant, too. :) Actually, his voice was very interesting.

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