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Truth_Seeker May 20th 08 16:18

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter
"Soul Hunter" is an episode about Minbari religion and that's why I like it.I think that JMS didn't mean brain patterns or recorded personalities but real souls.We can see them coming out of the spheres at the end of the episode when Delenn set them free.I think that it's not the Christian concept of the soul that JMS is talking about.It's closer to the concepts of the Eastern religions where the souls are reborn into the next generation over and over again.

The episode is showing us that even if souls are a joke to humans they are very important to the Minbari.Important enough to stop a war because of them and to let a human be the head of a Minbari organization like the Rangers.

And I have a theory of mine about the connection between souls and evolution.The souls are reborn thousands or millions of times into the next generation of Minbari, Humans or other species and this brings them closer and closer to perfection.At some point the souls are so perfect that they evolve into something like energy beings like the Vorlons for example.I think that for JMS souls are the key to becoming more like the First Ones.That's just a theory.

Galahad May 20th 08 17:36

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter
But it's worth remembering that with Soul Hunter, JMS was exploring the concept of the Grim Reaper being a real being/beings rather than just a representation of death.

So it is relevant to humanity as well.

Jade Jaguar May 21st 08 00:41

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter
Not a top favorite of mine, but I did like Soul Hunter. My biggest complaint would be that it was clearly inspired by Jim Starlin's Adam Warlock comic. But, that's also why I liked it... :D

hypatia May 21st 08 01:41

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter
Quick comment about the title: those who called the race "Soul Hunters" believed for the most part in the existence of the soul. That's not a measure of rightness, but of opinion. Like calling some group an "army of light". For all we know, the other side could be calling themselves the exact same thing.

What escaped could have been the medium the whatevers were stored in. No "proof" there these are real souls.

Why didn't they try to get Sheridan? One interesting possibility: maybe their race had died out or been destroyed by then. :)

GKarsEye May 21st 08 16:20

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

My biggest complaint about the episode (all my personal opinion, of course) is how much the actors chew the scenery in most scenes (the exception being the lurker funerary scene between Ivanova and Franklin, which for me is the biggest reason I'll rewatch the episode).

That dude rules.

And it has my favorite... N'Grath! I want to make a spin-off series with that fella.


Why didn't they try to get Sheridan?
Would you try messing w/ Lorien?

Galahad May 21st 08 20:40

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter
Although... in the UK, the Minbari language name of the Soul Hunter does sound a bit dodgy...

Galahad October 19th 08 13:53

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter
Just been re-watching and I have a hypothetical question.

Do you think that Delenn released the Soul Hunter from his orb?

My gut instinct/opinion says that she probably did... but he was the last to go.


Urban Roy April 2nd 09 13:01

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter
Hello all, I've been working my way through the first half of series one so I thought that I would wander over and share some of my thoughts so far. I have to say that this was the first episode that I, pretty much, unambiguously enjoyed. Interesting to see that actually this is one of the episodes that a lot of you are not fans of. I wonder if I will feel the differently once I have got to the end of the series.

Certainly agree that it was over acted in parts but it was forgivable, there certainly wasn't any acting that made me want to switch off.

Most importantly for me the plot was coherent. The Soul Hunter appeared in his broken ship because he was being chased down by another Soul Hunter which is why the crew found out what was going on and could try to stop him. The Soul Hunter had become warped because he had been thwarted by the Minbari, which then also explained why he wanted Delenn.

I'm also enjoying Delenn's propensity to try to solve things with random acts of violence, which, for a Minbari ruler seems rather an unfortunate personality trait.

vacantlook April 3rd 09 00:38

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

Originally Posted by Urban Roy (Post 339443)
I'm also enjoying Delenn's propensity to try to solve things with random acts of violence....

That's an interesting observation; I've never really thought of Delenn in that way before.

Sindatur April 3rd 09 03:32

Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

Originally Posted by vacantlook (Post 339512)
That's an interesting observation; I've never really thought of Delenn in that way before.

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