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A_M_Swallow March 11th 04 10:29

Babylon Park Parody Videos
I got the reply giving instructions on how to buy the "Babylon Park" parody videos

Tell him to e-mail psifimogul@aol.com and explain what he wants to purchase and that he wants to pay via paypal. She'll send back instructions.

He can copy me on it, too ( barbatgg@sbcglobal.net ), and I can shepherd the process through.

-- barb

The videos were made by the Season 5 actors and are sold through TheGalacticGateway web site

KoshN March 11th 04 11:01

Re: Babylon Park Parody Videos
Are both videos still available?

A_M_Swallow March 11th 04 11:39

Re: Babylon Park Parody Videos

Are both videos still available?

The "Babylon Park Frightspace Video" and "Babylon Park Grudgematch" are still being advertised so they probably still have copies. They are in the Mixed Media part of the Shop.

Lyra March 13th 04 03:45

Re: Babylon Park Parody Videos
I got them when they first got out and I had an idea, how to preserve them. As video is video and DVD is DVD...

So I made them into a DVD! With Menus and everything... This way I don't have to worry about the content of the VHS loosing quality after a while...

It becomes a bit cooler to watch anything you hold dear on DVD, when you know it can last a lot longer then VHS...

After all, no mater what, these tapes are limited... sooo...


slamaina March 17th 11 04:58

Re: Babylon Park Parody Videos
Anyone have copies that they would be interested in selling?


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