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WillowIvanova January 15th 04 03:08

Marcus Cole
I know he shows up in Season 3 but which Episode is his first. i guess i'll just have to start where i think it is and go from there. :confused:

vacantlook January 15th 04 05:08

Re: Marcus Cole
Marcus's first episode in season three is the first episode of that season: "Matters of Honor."

KoshFan January 17th 04 10:14

Re: Marcus Cole
Heh. Just watched that last night with my converts. Sarah thinks Marcus is kinda cute.

And another one falls to the Ranger's charm...

FlipperPA January 17th 04 10:42

Re: Marcus Cole
We're getting our friends into it as well... Andrew and Valerie. Val has taken quite a liking to Mr. Cole. In fact, I gave her my 6" Marcus doll and she carries it with her everywhere. Her quote: Aragorn in space.

The jokes about her wanting a 9" Marcus have started to fly out of control!



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