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EddieMirchev May 10th 18 04:05

Babylon 5 community rebirth
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Hi everyone!

My name is Eduard and please believe me, i am here not for advertising and such things. I am a huge fan of B5, thats why my message is so important or me.

So i am a co-founder of geek-project - social platform for geeks and fans. This project our team developing since 2016 and in June of 2018 we will present it in US and other countries (also Asia).

As our agenda we want to unite old waning fandoms like B5 in one place to rebirth it. In June we will spend a lot of resources to attract fan of B5, Stargate, Dune and such.

We offer special mechanics for fans that other social networks do not have, it is more convenient place to continue evolve of your community.

I want to ask members of this forum what you think about it? I would like to talk to administration about details. I may tell you more about our platworm.

EddieMirchev May 14th 18 05:20

Re: Babylon 5 community rebirth
Hey guys! I've prepared special page for you about the project


Looney July 11th 18 02:20

Re: Babylon 5 community rebirth
So I went and checked this site out. It looks great, but I have my reservations.:wtf: One of the first things you read in the rules is how it complies to an article of law in the Russian Federation. Given the current state of things in the U.S. involving Russia and Social Media I don't see myself getting involved with these people. I'm not going to lie, any other country I might have considered looking into it more, but not the Russian Federation. I'd have to say Social Media is one of the few things about Russia I would never go near. Just like I would never go near a Social Media site out of Nigeria. At least the site was honest enough to put that right at the top of the rules section.

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