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Wulf April 18th 17 16:17

Who are you?
I'm just a boy, standing in front a girl, asking her to love him.

hypatia April 19th 17 03:05

Re: Who are you?
I have 100% in the survey. There are advantages to being the only conscious person in the room. :thumbsup:

RW7427 April 20th 17 23:57

Re: Who are you?
I am me :D

hypatia April 21st 17 02:46

Re: Who are you?

Originally Posted by RW7427 (Post 457893)
I am me :D

That is not an option, RW. :vulcan:

dawnchild April 21st 17 09:32

Re: Who are you?
You can call me.. anytime :D (brilliant line from 'Space Cowboys')

Voted for option 1.

Markas April 22nd 17 17:17

Re: Who are you?
I am, of course, Tim.

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