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Looney September 29th 17 19:35

Re: Babylon 5 Encyclopedia
Online Edition Launches TOMORROW!!!!!

Jan September 29th 17 23:40

Re: Babylon 5 Encyclopedia
Where's the 'Like' button?? I can't find the 'Like' button?!?!

:beer: This'll do.:beer:

Looney October 2nd 17 18:32

Re: Babylon 5 Encyclopedia
OMG people! This may ruin my life. Someone needs to tell me to stop looking at everything in the online edition. I have to have a life outside of this, but it is so awesome. :thumbsup:

Looney October 21st 17 22:16

Re: Babylon 5 Encyclopedia
So no other thoughts on how great the encyclopedia is? :wtf:

Jan October 22nd 17 11:32

Re: Babylon 5 Encyclopedia
I could - but I'm kinda prejudiced, you know. ;) It's easy to lose time exploring the online edition, that's for sure.

It's worth mentioning that there's an entire 'chapter' online for folks to enjoy. http://b5books.com/ about halfway down the page.

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