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MajorLee September 5th 16 09:07

Lookin for Crusade Other Voices
Recently I rewatched Crusade and became very curious about what might have been. After EXTENSIVE research I found scripts for To the Ends of the Earth, Value Judgments and End of the Line on various sites. I also learned that additional scripts and treatments for other would-be episodes were released in the Other Voices volumes, but for the life of me can find them nowhere!

If anyone has copies they'd be willing to part with, I'd very much like to have them. Since I'm not looking for collectables per se, I'd be just as happy with copied or scanned versions (or even pics of the pages taken from your cell phone!) and would be willing to reimburse someone for their time in scanning/copying them.

After days spent searching every corner of the internet I could think of, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Jan September 5th 16 10:33

Re: Lookin for Crusade Other Voices
I don't have any extras but if you don't find them right away, my understanding is that the Crusade books should become available from B5 Books again in the future. They're down for now since CafePress closed their book unit.

You could probably email help@b5books.com and see if they have any extras, too.

MajorLee September 5th 16 20:41

Re: Lookin for Crusade Other Voices
Thanks for the advice. Their customer service got back to me in minutes. They don't have any now, but are going to check around for me. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Raw Shark September 8th 16 06:18

Re: Lookin for Crusade Other Voices
I don't blame you, Crusade was building up to some very cool stuff. It really all goes back to the B5 episode 'Infection,' the first one filmed, that goes into the idea that space-faring races have been exterminated all over the galaxy, worlds pulverized and left barren, repeatedly over the eons; the ongoing hunt for leftover tech in the ruins they left behind; and the mysterious Earth company IPX. As the comics and books reveal, IPX had close and cozy ties with Psi Corps going back a century. Before long, one realizes that Psi Corps had access to Shadow tech and Vorlon tech, and the telepathic skills and traits to make it work for them. The destruction of Psi Corps was a bit of a setback, but not the end of the world.

And, of course, Earth’s obsession with the Minbari War, which is a very deep wound in humanity’s collective psyche.

Raw Shark

"Maybe you're still inside. Maybe we're both still inside."
Knight Two, And the Sky Full of Stars

MajorLee September 9th 16 06:46

Re: Lookin for Crusade Other Voices
Exactly! So many lost races, secret programs and dangling threads from B5 to build off of. With a crew made up of EarthForce, IPX, a technomage, a telepath and a thief/member of a nearly extinct race, the possibilities are mind boggling. First you have the amazing overall arc that was planned, which definitely would have held my attention. But just as exciting are all the divided loyalties, potential betrayals and hidden agendas that I believe would have given us some truly amazing character stories as well.

The more I find out, the angrier I get at TNT! But even knowing that having more info is going to have me screaming in frustration at what might have been, I still NEED to know as much as I can.

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