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downbelow July 17th 16 12:22

WB Babylon 5 Facebook page
Am I the only one that gets annoyed by the Warner Bros maintaining the B5 facebook page when they seemingly have no intention of releasing anything new.


Looney June 27th 17 03:41

Re: WB Babylon 5 Facebook page
I've seen the news of Stephen Furst's passing from many outlets, but not on their Facebook page. There is some discussion in the post about his recent birthday, but no actual post from WB about his passing. :(

hypatia June 27th 17 04:21

Re: WB Babylon 5 Facebook page
That's Warner Brothers for you. They consider B5 dead, but still want to own the rights. It is such a waste. I know it's their legal right. I still say it's a waste.

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