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Prophet G'kar October 6th 14 07:24

B5 CCG... Anyone still playing this?
I just dug out all 3,000+ of my B5 Cards for the CCG and started teaching younger members of thd local gaming club the game. We've had some great games already and at least 3 of them are now watching the show through.

Anyone else playing this now/still? Anyone know of an online community dedicated to the CCG?

For any curious, here's a few of our AARs


KoshN October 6th 14 11:22

Re: B5 CCG... Anyone still playing this?
Never did get into playing the the B5 CCG (or any CCG). Had quite a few B5 CCG cards, but sold them years ago.

Prophet G'kar October 12th 14 09:46

Re: B5 CCG... Anyone still playing this?
It really was a great CCG. Played like a strategy board game more than a CCG. I think it struggled at 2 player matches, as it was built around 4-7 people playing (and it was/is really good at that).

I have a beginning game set up in the blog and a little bit more about the game.

Another thing I really liked, is that is played like the show would lead you to believe. So clever.


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