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Republibot 3.0 September 22nd 13 16:23

If I were to rate the major Science Fiction franchises in order of the way they've affected me, personally, in my life, the list would be something like this:

1) Babylon 5 (All the shows)
2) Stargate (All the shows)
3) Macross (All the shows)
4) Doctor Who (But not Torchwood or Sarah Jane)
5) Battlestar Galactica (Original series mostly, remake to a lesser extent)
6) Star Trek (In descending order of importance: TOS, the movies, TNG, TAS. Voyager merely pissed me off, and I never bothered to watch Enterprise at all)
7) Star Blazers (Seasons 1 and 2)

Of these the least-known is Macross.

Like most people, I was first exposed to it in somewhat mutilated fashion as the first third of the "Robotech" series, but even then the show had an unmistakable power and a weird sense of humor, and a couple romantic scenes that punched me in the gut (Most notably Rick and Lisa as the world is literally falling apart all around 'em) It was also the first basically arc-driven SF show I'd ever seen, excepting Star Blazers, which kind of doesn't count as the arc in that show consists mostly of a ticking clock and little else.

So anyone like "Macross?" Anyone wanna' talk about it?

Demonn May 29th 17 17:17

Re: Macross
I had no idea what this was until they put it on Netflix... it was ok. I watched up until they got back to Earth and then moved on to watching something else.

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