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KoshN September 15th 13 20:02

#FreeBabylon5 Mars Red Shirts

18 more shirts need to be sold so these can get made. I bought 3.

Purple and Green have already surpassed their goals.

C'mon people, this is a cool shirt!

KoshN September 16th 13 13:37

Re: #FreeBabylon5 Mars Red Shirts
Getting close. Now we're up to 18 of 25.

KoshN September 19th 13 02:10

Re: #FreeBabylon5 Mars Red Shirts
We're up to 20 of 25. ONLY 5 LEFT before the quota is met. :D

KoshN September 24th 13 20:40

Re: #FreeBabylon5 Mars Red Shirts
We're up to 23 of 25. ONLY 2 LEFT before the quota is met. :D

Jan September 24th 13 23:30

Re: #FreeBabylon5 Mars Red Shirts
And not to distract from the Mars red shirts, there's less than 5 hours left to order the Drazi Green or Purple (or both) shirts and only two more days for the Mars Red. These shirts will *never* be available for this low price of only $15.55 again! If you've been meaning to order, now's the time!


KoshN September 25th 13 02:11

Re: #FreeBabylon5 Mars Red Shirts
25 Mars Red Shirts ordered. :thumbsup:

Jan September 27th 13 02:00

Re: #FreeBabylon5 Mars Red Shirts
Last Call! Only two hours left to order your Mars Red t-shirt and benefit Pat Tallman's 'Be A Santa' program as well as Claudia Christian's C3 Foundation!



KoshN October 3rd 13 17:42

Re: #FreeBabylon5 Mars Red Shirts
My green shirts, mailed 10/2, have arrived. So, Green Leader, via US Mail, won the race. Purple Leader's shirts are expected 10/5.

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