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dencor July 19th 12 22:11

Re: Comic-Con 2012
They have been very quiet as to why no more Crusade books. My guess is maybe they did not sell enough to justify continuing the series.

JoeD80 July 19th 12 22:55

Re: Comic-Con 2012
Uh the first one is still available. Nothing has disappeared.

Raw Shark July 19th 12 23:23

Re: Comic-Con 2012
I was referring to what was supposed to be a series of books. The future volumes were announced, but they are not scheduled, and there is no news on whether or not they will be coming out at all. I'm not terribly concerned with the first volume's availability, because I already own it. I had been planning to buy the other volumes, but they seem to have... disappeared, or if you prefer, they just don't exist. Unless you know something I do not?

Raw Shark

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JoeD80 July 20th 12 01:04

Re: Comic-Con 2012
No secret knowledge. I imagine that Joe has been working so hard on setting up Studio JMS that he probably just put it on the back-burner for awhile. I believe it's a limited series like the B5 scripts were, so once all of them are published they'll stop making them. Since volume 1 is still there to order, the series is likely still on.

Raw Shark July 20th 12 06:46

Re: Comic-Con 2012
Hmm. Wasn't there some non-explanation on the b5scripts.com page a while ago? I forget how it went. I miss Crusade, that show had so many great directions to go in. Although whenever I see Captain Gideon now, I think of a mountain lion, Columbian Bam Bam, and people getting kicked out of Applebee's.

Raw Shark

quoteless thursday

Jan July 20th 12 18:24

Re: Comic-Con 2012
There hasn't been any word that the rest of the series has been canceled but there's also no word as to when the next one(s) might be coming. My thought is similar to JoeD80's that JMS has just been busy with other projects.


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