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Kara Baxter May 23rd 12 23:55

Anna Sheriden's entrance
Did you ever wonder why Anna had John's pass key to open his quarter's door and in the middle of the night?

And for John to be all broken up about Anna dying, you would think he would be in hog heaven. But he's cold shoulder instead.

He doesn't know she's a shadow minion.

JoeD80 May 24th 12 18:08

Re: Anna Sheriden's entrance
He is already deep into a relationship with Delenn and sleeping with her that very night...not every reaction to your dead ex-wife has to be about the shadows.

Jan May 24th 12 18:09

Re: Anna Sheriden's entrance
As I recall, you can open the doors by entering a code, too. I think it was mentioned onscreen once when Ivanova (?) got into somebody's quarters once, that they should change their door code more often. Sheridan probably always used the same one.

As for his being cold or cautious, even though he didn't know she'd been changed by the Shadows, he knew that her ship had blown up and that she'd been missing for 4 or 5 years. That'd make anybody wonder, I think.


dencor May 25th 12 08:12

Re: Anna Sheriden's entrance
How would you react if your wife, you were told, died several years ago on a planet that scared the hell out of every known race opened up your front door, while you were busy having relations with another woman ?

Demonn May 26th 12 00:30

Re: Anna Sheriden's entrance
I think he shoulda shot her before he jumped. :p

RW7427 May 26th 12 02:55

Re: Anna Sheriden's entrance

Originally Posted by Demonn (Post 397621)
I think he shoulda shot her before he jumped. :p


Instead of Kosh saying "JUMP! JUMP NOW!" He could say "SHOOT! SHOOT NOW!"

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