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Kettle Cat March 4th 12 23:03

Melissa Gilbert on DWTS
Hi everybody! recently joined and first time posting :)

I read that Melissa Gilbert is gonna be on Dancing with the Stars- not a show I'd normally watch but my mom's crazy about it. Anyone think Bruce might show up to cheer her on? I remember hearing that they'd split up but I never heard any details... I hope it was amicably. But it would be fun to see Bruce on tv again, even if it is just the obligatory crowd cheering shot on Dancing.

He needs to be in more than just commercials... ;A;

VeriBaldi March 5th 12 01:20

Re: Melissa Gilbert on DWTS
Bruce referred to her quite amicably on the B5 roundtable at his last convention. I think he will cheer her on, although probably not from the audience.

vacantlook March 5th 12 15:07

Re: Melissa Gilbert on DWTS
I'm a fan of DWTS, so I'm fairly excited about this season. Looking at the star-professional dancer pairing list on Wikipedia, Gilbert will be dancing with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. He's one of the more successful pros on the show. Of the 13 seasons of DWTS thus far, though Maks has never won the show, he and his respective stars have made it to the finals 4 times, with two 2nd place and two 3rd place finishes. In the past, Maks has danced with Tia Carrere, Willa Ford, Laila Ali (3rd place), Mel B (2nd place), Misty May-Treanor, Denise Richards, Debi Mazar, Erin Andrews (3rd place), Brandy, Kirstie Alley (2nd place), and Hope Solo.

Kettle Cat March 5th 12 22:47

Re: Melissa Gilbert on DWTS
I used to watch the show with my mom in its early seasons and I always used to cheer for Maks. Not even his star partner, just Maks lol So its cool to hear Melissa is paired with him! I guess I have an excuse to watch it with my mom again LOL! XD

And I'm glad everything seems cool between her and Bruce :) No family deserves a nasty split.

Sindatur March 5th 12 23:05

Re: Melissa Gilbert on DWTS
The Opera Singer Abigail (Played by Katherine Jenkins) from Last years Doctor Who Christmas Special A Christmas Carol (2010) is also on this season, isn't she? Or was that last season?

vacantlook March 6th 12 01:32

Re: Melissa Gilbert on DWTS
Correct, Sindatur; Jenkins is dancing in this upcoming season. She's paired with professional Mark Ballas, who's known for youthful, energetic, and occationally controversial choreography; I still love the waltz he and Chelsea Kane did a couple seasons back to Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter.

Kettle Cat March 6th 12 20:00

Re: Melissa Gilbert on DWTS
Oh sick, a Doctor Who actress, too! :D That's awesome!

I think I remember the Hedwig song that Mark and his partner danced to- I can never remember the partners though LOL My mom was all, "You gotta see this, its a Harry Potter theme!" Loved the way that one turned out, too :)

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