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B5_Obsessed September 14th 11 03:33

JMS in Thor
How come nobody mentioned his cameo? He's a regular Stan Lee.

Demonn September 17th 11 20:57

Re: JMS in Thor
It was mentioned in the Thor thread in Non-B5 books, TV & films...

B5_Obsessed October 8th 11 16:09

Re: JMS in Thor
Caught me by surprise. I was like, "Hey, it's Joe!"

Galahad October 8th 11 20:07

Re: JMS in Thor
I mentioned it some place else when the film came out!!!!!!! Nobody listens to poor Galahad.

Demonn October 18th 11 23:05

Re: JMS in Thor
Not true... I read it. I just didn't react to it. It was an interesting tid bit at the time.

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