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Bester July 4th 11 11:01

I was flicking through the channels on my Virgin HD box yesterday and noticed that B5 was showing on the FX HD channel. I had no idea that B5 existed in an HD format. (Unfortunately, I couldn't verify the quality of the HD transfer, as I don't currently have my TV hooked-up via HDMI).

Edit: Just did a bit of research and discovered that this is actually just an upscaled version of the DVD format. Still, this may be the closest we get to a true HD B5 for a while, at least.

blackshadow1981 April 3rd 12 15:04

Re: B5 HD
im on virgin media too and watched an ep of B5 on FX-HD and have to say it looked A LOT better then my DVDs unscaled on my ps3 onto my 1080P LG 50inch TV

i hope one day we will get blu rays with redone CGI like we are starting to see with ST:TNG

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