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KoshFan June 30th 11 21:35

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Ooooooh. He's definitely got the look. I only saw him as the Doctor, though, so my mental image of him is always whimsical, not iron-grim.

I did wonder (with the offing of Sean Bean's Ned and Mark Addy's Robert) if they'd get another big name to play Stannis.

AnlaShokGrey July 1st 11 14:43

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
I can really see him as the humorless Stannis. I wonder who they're getting to play Melisandre?

darth_librarian July 4th 11 10:29

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Tricia Heffer from BSG is rumored. A bit of hair dye and she would be great.

AnlaShokGrey July 4th 11 14:35

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

darth_librarian July 7th 11 10:13

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
lol no, as Mellisandre. Could be fan conjecture though.

Ecclestone would nail Stannis, emotionless but driven by a deep inner sense of righteousness. He played a great John Lennon recently, and has also played Jesus and the evil arms dealer Destro in GI Joe.

The man has range.


James Purfroy and Gerard Butler are also mentioned, I could see other roles for the two of them down the line.

Also so excited about book 5. I've actually booked a day off work to pick it up and read it ...

KoshFan July 7th 11 14:53

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Not emotionless but sort of emotionally strangled, I think. I reread the books this past month and loved how Renly eating a peach sort of became an obsession for Stannis...

I've ordered the book and I'm hoping it comes the day after it's released (when I'll be at home) as opposed to when it's likely to come (when I'm gone for the weekend). But my housemates will enjoy it if I'm gone.

darth_librarian July 8th 11 11:11

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Brienne has been cast, she seems way too pretty ...


KoshFan July 8th 11 13:40

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Seems -- but I bet the actor who plays the Hound isn't actually horribly burned on the face.

And Martin praises her pretty highly in that link.

AnlaShokGrey July 8th 11 20:57

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Yeah, I'm thinking that they'll go the ol' false nose route with this actress. Or something.

darth_librarian July 11th 11 09:03

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
She is also tall and has beautiful eyes. I'll stop now.

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