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darth_librarian May 5th 11 17:41

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Catching this illegally. The books remain my favorite series but I'm happy with the series so far and love the titles. Changes are necessary and fun to watch. A lot of subtlety from the books is lost, including some good foreshadowing, but that can be nicely compensated for with lots of gracious nudity (also in the books though).

The titles are also incredible.

KoshFan May 10th 11 05:47

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Most recent one was pretty heavy on exposition -- and the best one yet. Plot's kicking into gear.

GKarsEye May 10th 11 14:58

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

Originally Posted by KoshFan (Post 370280)
Most recent one was pretty heavy on exposition -- and the best one yet. Plot's kicking into gear.

Funny- I would describe it as "Most recent one was pretty heavy on exposition -- and the worst one yet." Because, spoken exposition is rough to sit through. Blah blah, there was this war, blah blah, there was another war, blah blah. I know it has to happen but this episode felt like eating the vegetables because you have to before you can enjoy the steak.

And on top of all that they made a point to bring in the Grejoy backstory way more than in the book. I wonder if that's gonna result in moving some of the events in the later books up a little earlier.

Then that weird awkward bathtub sex/more exposition scene. I am not enjoying the sex stuff at all in this show, it's really clumsy and childish.

John Snow stuff was good- he's my favorite character in the book and on the show. And you finally got some Ghost!

KoshFan May 18th 11 02:54

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Most recent one was excellent, even without Jon or Danaerys. The plot quickens and thickens...

admiraldave May 18th 11 04:03

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
I'm hoping Renly gets less petulant, I didn't get that from him in the books.

Just finished "A Feast of Crows" ... oh dear.

GKarsEye May 18th 11 12:21

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Most recent one:

The good:
- Less characters makes for a better flowing, more engaging narrative.
- That conversation between the king and queen. "What's holding it all together" "Our marriage" Don't think it was even in the book (it looks like they're adding more and more original non-book bits each episode).
- The Eyrie, especially the prison. Sure it looked just like I imagined it, but I imagined it pretty good.

The bad:
- The sensationalism is getting absurd. Whores! Homos! Necrophelia! Bleh.

KoshFan May 18th 11 15:38

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
The gay stuff was broadly hinted at in the book, so I'm fine with making it exlicit -- especially as it's not really playing to any stereotypes. Sure Loras looks good, but he's also a pretty dangerous fighter.

The whore flashing Jory was a bit unnecessary, other than to give Jory something to do right before he got offed.

darth_librarian May 24th 11 11:19

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Gay stuff is all there in the second book. I'm also loving how they are adding extra sex and using it as additional expo / filler.

Good idea!

Jory was referred to lovingly by other characters, even if he did not do much himself. Sansa had a crush on him. It was a different way of getting the impact of his death across. The Kingslayer is just as much of a git as he was in the book.

Even on crappy download the CGI is first rate for the locations. Looking forward to the blu-ray set.

KoshFan May 24th 11 15:08

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Most recent ep was pretty killer. As a commenter said on another site, "A shitstorm is coming..."

AnlaShokGrey May 30th 11 01:53

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Hey, was anyone else bothered in tonight's episode by....leaving spoiler space...
...Joffrey looking so distraught as Robert lay dying? In the book, he was so nonplussed by his father's death that when someone (can't recall who) told him he was sorry for his loss some weeks later, Joffrey said, "Loss? What loss?" And had to be reminded that his father had died.

Also, as Jon and Samwell were making their vows, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who started saying, "We walk in the dark places no others will enter...we stand on the bridge and no one may pass...we live for the One; we die for the One." :-D

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