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hypatia April 27th 11 02:49

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
I'll be trying to get to episode 2 this weekend, if there is time.

As one who did not read the books, I admit I can tell I am missing a lot of subtlety. I have a lot of "how did they get there/what's up with those two?" moments. The characters are a bit stereotypical for fantasy, but it's easier to take them seriously than in most fantasy I've read or seen.

It's definitely fantasy (not my favorite genre) but I haven't laughed at it yet, and that is a good sign. I think this is one that will keep me watching for awhile, if only to see if I can eventually figure out this story. What is up with the Wall? You send your prisoners there, and yet have volunteers? You can't retire from this job, I take it, or have any kind of family? Why wouldn't criminals just walk away or not care much about the job? And why would a family consider it honorable service? I get that the guy may not have really known his peers would be criminals, but why wouldn't his family have told him?

I will predict that many characters will die before I'm much aware that they were there. It is a very large cast. And I'm very bad with names.

KoshFan April 27th 11 03:15

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Well, I can answer a few of your questions about the Wall: sometimes people have non-criminal reasons to get away from home. Jon, for instance, knows that he'll never rise any other way, because of his bastard birth -- but in the Night's Watch, no one cares if you're a bastard. Or at least no one's supposed to. Also it used to be a much, much more honorable service -- because it used to matter much, much more. The Starks have sent a lot of their family to the Wall, and Benjen (Ned's brother/Jon's uncle) is just the latest in that tradition, which Jon is trying to carry on, even if he's not (officially) a Stark.

As to why no one runs away... well, we've already seen one guy from the Watch run, and he got killed for it. The main reason is that behind the Wall you have the Starks, which applies in a few other ways, too. There's a really close relationship between Castle Black (the headquarters for the Watch) and Winterfell.

GKarsEye April 27th 11 15:28

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
The reason deserters get killed is because they make a vow. These kinds of vows is a major theme in this saga:

- Members of the Watch make a vow to serve for life, remain celibate, etc. They're supposed to only have allegiance for the Watch because anything else would be a distraction. If they have families, other political ambitions, property, etc, who's going to protect everyone else from all the monsters out there?
The fact that they lost some cred over the millenia is similar to the Rangers in B5 between Valen and the final Shadow war: they're "honorable" but most people kinda don't care about 'em, but then it turns they should have all this time.

- Jaime Lannister, the sister-fucker/kid-mutilator, is resented as a "king slayer" because he was a member of the king's body guard corps, and therefore had to break an oath to kill him, even though that same king was everyone's enemy. That's why he's hated for helping them win their own war.

- That knight that serves the dragon brother/sister amongst the Mongolian-types, he's kinda stuck there because he swore allegiance to their house and they're his rulers, even though they're stuck in the middle of nowhere.

So I finished the book last night and if there's one thing I could say about it, it's f'n LONG. And my god there's 6 more. Now I remember why I stopped with this genre a while back. I'll probably take the 2nd installment with me on vacation next month.

AnlaShokGrey April 27th 11 17:46

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
I'm reading book one now, too, after a long hiatus from fantasy. But from what I'm seeing on HBO so far, this is fairly different, and really good stuff!

hypatia April 28th 11 01:38

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
You make a good case for the books, GKE, if you still want to read another. And it gives the series a potentially long run, if it's a hit on HBO.

Thanks for the explanations, it really helps. Me, at least. I'll rewatch episodes after I've seen a few, too, and likely pick up on more. I'll also concentrate better since my workload will go down significantly.

I really hate animals in tv/movies being hurt or killed. And it's not like a good cry over a sentimental movie (phooey on any who laugh at us "criers" :p). Should I stick with the second episode, skip it all together, or what?

AnlaShokGrey April 28th 11 01:46

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
I think the people are suffering more than the animals at this point!

hypatia April 28th 11 02:04

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
:lol: This sounds like it'll be a depressing series. ;)

Maybe I'll watch it tomorrow night.

KoshFan April 28th 11 16:34

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
We're holding out hope for it eventually not being depressing.

Incidentally, Martin finished writing the fifth book yesterday, so the series marches on.

hypatia April 28th 11 23:22

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

I wimped out. I didn't watch the last 10 minutes of the second episode. :)

The series will keep me watching as I decide if I just don't want to watch another series with this much violence and testosterone in it. :)

The other thing that might not work for me in this: for a male-dominated storyline, they have some interesting female characters, but in a kind of limited way. But they haven't gotten much to do, the characters still feel like they are being introduced before they are devloped too much al over the place. So far the children are the more interesting group of characters to me than the adults.

If they are killed off before they become interesting, I'll know what kind of series it is planning to be. If not, this could have potential.

GKarsEye May 2nd 11 19:02

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Best actor on the show: Arya's. Holy moly this girl is a find.

Ok so we also got Littlefinger (Governor Carcetti!) and Arya's fencing teacher.

I know I bitch about the fast pace and the need to condense everything but there were three instances where that really stuck out:

1. Starks' arrival to King's Landing and Ned learning the the treasury is broke. That was like: "Let's have a tournament but we're ok oh no the end." Learning your entire kingdom is ruined financially would be a HUGE revelation to Ned (and it's treated as such in the book) but because of the rushed need to get to other stuff it's just... there.

2. They had Tyrion break up the gang-up on John Snow instead of one of the Watch, as part of accelerating John Snow's rise to full on Watch member (we're already getting Sam next week according to commercials). This was expected though.

3. The stuff with Daenyres and her brother was not just rushed but clunky. I didn't understand why she stopped everyone, and they didn't clarify why making him walk was such a big deal, though they might do that next week when his whole angle plays out.

The scene with the king talking shit at everyone and Jaime's "let them all burn," I don't think that was in the book. If not, that's a smart scene to add, helping establish what's what in this world, because it's about to expand even further.

Varys casting is pretty good. Can't wait to see who they get for daddy Lannister.

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