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AnlaShokGrey March 18th 11 22:01

Selling my Declaration of Principles on eBay
Hi, all,

I haven't been around here in quite awhile, but it's nice to see the community is still thriving! I am selling my beautiful, limited edition, signed-by-JMS Declaration of Principles print. It is #69 out of 500. You can view the listing on eBay, here:


This is helping to fund my 'rescuing' of G'Kar's chest piece, which I bought the other day from a prop shop (it'll have a much better home with me!). I'm sorry to part with the print, but hope it will go on to grace the walls of another rabid B5 fan, like me.

Please pass the word along to any other B5 fans you know who might be in the market for one of these, maybe someone who missed buying one of them when they were sold several years ago.



AnlaShokGrey March 23rd 11 18:49

Re: Selling my Declaration of Principles on eBay
Just a reminder, this auction for my Declaration of Principles ends tomorrow (Thursday), just after 3PM Pacific time. I really want it to go to a good, B5-loving home! Thanks for looking...

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