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AntonyF March 20th 10 21:09

Aborted v4 upgrade today
A few of you may have seen B5TV change today... then change back! Here's the situation.

vBulletin has brought out v4. For a full upgrade, it seems to do very little indeed. However as I managed four vBulletins (including this and TrekBBS) I decided to upgrade B5TV as a test to see what it was like.

I was as underwealmed as I suspected. The product has not moved on at all. On a code-level it was different, but for us as end users and admins there was negligle difference.

But due to the new look, they changed the styles completely which means I'd have had to rebuilt the entire look of the site (colours and all) in a very clumsy system with no documentation. YAY!

But while I was prepared to put in the time for change, I found out tonight that vBulletin has changed its upgrade price from $40 to $175. This is ridiculous, particularly across the four boards I manage. I don't thikn the upgrade was worth $40... but would have paid it, as I like vBulletin. But $175... ha ha ha ha.

So I will investigate alternative boards in the future. But it seemed pointless thus investing time into getting v4 running, so decided to revert B5TV to v3.

There are a few posts lost, but I took notes of their content and will PM the people concerned so they can repost them.

RW7427 March 20th 10 21:57

Re: Aborted v4 upgrade today
I wondered about how many people whinned because they didn't like the new look or didn't like how to navigate the new board. Just like the tons of people that did when Facebook changed their look. :lol: I can't tell you how many of my FB friends whinned about the new Facebook and even joined groups trying to get them to change it back. (It didn't work BTW....they haven't changed it back yet :lol: )

Me, I don't let stuff like that bother me. I personally like the look and feel of B5TV the way it is now, and the new look was weird indeed. But I've been around enough boards in the almost 10 years that I've been posting that I'm used to changes and different looks and so on, and getting used to navigating around a new or changed board isn't that difficult.

Jade Jaguar March 20th 10 23:51

Re: Aborted v4 upgrade today
I think it is fine the way it is. When I go on other boards that aren't vBulletin, I wish they were. If it ain't broke, don't fix it... ;)

fisheggs March 22nd 10 01:26

Re: Aborted v4 upgrade today
First. Thanks for the board.:bolian: You,ve gathered and sustained an interesting and assorted community. :beer: And you have such wonderfull (ad)minnions.:angel::devil:

Seems VB has got microsoft disease: change and charge.:rolleyes:

RW7427 March 22nd 10 01:49

Re: Aborted v4 upgrade today

And you have such wonderfull (ad)minnions.
One of Fishy's hobbies is trying to annoy Babbleon's moderator. :rolleyes:


fisheggs March 22nd 10 02:13

Re: Aborted v4 upgrade today
:devil:Everyone needs a hobby.:angel: Especially one they're good at.;):lol:

;) I only tease friends, foes are treated with extreme "politeness".:bolian::cool:

RW7427 March 22nd 10 23:42

Re: Aborted v4 upgrade today
Thanks, and I like you too. :rolleyes: :lol:

hypatia November 20th 10 04:48

Re: Aborted v4 upgrade today
All I notice is that I am having difficulty staying logged in. It keeps logging me out, for some reason. The problem could be on my end, however, since my small laptop was possessed awhile ago.

Galeon 7 September 8th 12 12:34

Re: Aborted v4 upgrade today
HLBB upgraded to the new version. In addition to being victimized by that hack earlier, their new board is plain shit!

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