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Vitin April 28th 09 14:39

B5 Box Set...
Aside from the normal "Product Details", what's the word on the B5 Box set released in 2004?

I saw a "non region'' set for $75+shipping. But Amazon sale seems ok for me... Its not the individual seasons, its one box with all dvd's of B5 TV series, nothing else.

Anyone have this?

Matthew April 28th 09 15:39

Re: B5 Box Set...
I don't believe any company makes a legit "non-region" DVD set...if there is no Region coding, it's typically a bootleg copy.

Vitin April 28th 09 15:47

Re: B5 Box Set...
Thank you for the comment...

I was aware that the "region free" disc were bootlegs. I actually called a vendor and they let me know that the set shipped from the warehouse in Asia.

That was a dead give-away.

Hence the Amazon set (region 1) seemed like the perfect logical choice.

I just wanted to be sure that there was no news of a new set coming out in the near future, that would then make me "cringe" for having spent the cash and not waiting a few more months.

I am buying from Amazon now...

wade8069 May 9th 09 06:41

Re: B5 Box Set...
I think I help you. I have all the dvd set of babylon 5, from 1 to 5.

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