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dencor February 20th 09 04:03

Babylon 5 and You Tube ?
HELP ! Every now and then I check out You Tube for new B5 videos. My favorite to watch and listen to was titled " Memories ". A beautiful video celebrating the love between John and Delenn. Well, damn You Tube deleted it for violating thier policies. Go figure, compared to some of the other videos on YT I do not get it.... Ok , I am a little pissed.

Iit was the best B5 video I had come across in some time and I could never get bored watching it. It was perfect. So my question is, has anyone else here seen the video and would they know of another site where it might be posted. HELP !


Bester February 20th 09 07:00

Re: Babylon 5 and You Tube ?
Is this the one?


dencor February 20th 09 08:43

Re: Babylon 5 and You Tube ?
Thanks Bester. The song is the right one but the wrong video. Whom ever made the video used that song by Within Temptation and then put in scenes from B5. The video was as Kosh would say " A moment of perfect beauty. " On that same link, I noticed the correct video ( BABYLON 5 MEMORIES ) but unfortunatly it has been deleted on that site as well. It was on You Tube for about a year so why they would delete it after all that time is a mystery to me. Thanks for trying and I am not going to give up easily on this.


Bester February 20th 09 19:34

Re: Babylon 5 and You Tube ?

Originally Posted by Bester (Post 336508)

Oops, that wasn't a B5 video! I did that search at work, where I wasn't able to view the actual video (just the titles).

Anyway, good luck in your search dennis.

darth_librarian March 6th 09 10:11

Re: Babylon 5 and You Tube ?

Not the one, but quite cool nonetheless.

FaceOfGkar May 22nd 09 14:58

Re: Babylon 5 and You Tube ?
Isn't all of Babylon 5 up on Hulu? You could try there.

silencer June 17th 09 09:23

Re: Babylon 5 and You Tube ?
Hi all.
I am Silencer, the creator of "Babylon 5 Memories", originally posted on FIRSTONES.COM
I was rather shocked when Youtube took that video down without warning, but that they deleted all of my personal films - of which I am the copyright holder. They also deleted the the account the next day. As a person who makes his living in the motion picture industry, I felt my video fell under Canadian Fair Use policy. I still feel it does.

I still retain the high resolution original. If you would like to see it, please just let me know where you would like it uploaded. Canadians cannot use Hulu.

I would love to see this video out there, being enjoyed again.

dencor June 17th 09 11:07

Re: Babylon 5 and You Tube ?
Hello Silencer and thank you for that wonderful video. I dont pretend to understand copyright laws but hopefully your video can find a new home...somewhere. Its to good not to be seen. If you could send it to my email that would be great. ( I sent you a message with my email address ) If you can't, I understand. If I can think of a website were it will not be deleted, I will let you know.


Markas June 18th 09 18:21

Re: Babylon 5 and You Tube ?
Welcome to B5TV, Silencer. Have you tried to find out from Youtube why they deleted your account? I am guessing that someone reported the B5 stuff as copyright infringement or something. However, I have seen so many other homages to B5 that are still up that I can't quite grasp why yours would be targeted.

Galahad June 18th 09 22:55

Re: Babylon 5 and You Tube ?
I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube. Not so long ago they effectively blocked all official music video content from the UK... just because agreement couldn't be reached between labels and the site management.

I also don't like it when music that is never going to get a commercial release... gets blanked on YT. One example being the music to the ill-fated modern series of Hornblower. No mention has ever been made with respect to a soundtrack ever being in the works, so YT start pulling music vids apart relating to it.

If they released it commercially I'd buy it off iTunes, I always do... but they would rather keep it in a dank vault than heaven forbid allow people to possibly enjoy it.

I can understand not wanting to do packaging and production runs of a cd... but why not just release it digitally and let the punters decide?

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