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Galahad October 25th 08 20:47

Possible Goof on S1 Believers
Yeah I know a lot of people are not keen on this episode, but I've gradually started to replace my VHS B5 collection with the DVD's and I noticed something interesting.

When Ivanova and her wingman catch up to the Asimov, I'm sure the constellation Orion appears twice in the same effects shot... as if it is side by side.

Check it out if you have the inclination.

Cell October 25th 08 21:16

Re: Possible Goof on S1 Believers
I'm actually quite fond of Believers, but I can't recall that goof, I shall have to check it out.

maneth October 26th 08 05:19

Re: Possible Goof on S1 Believers
I like this episode too, but I can't recall this goof...

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