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Looney November 10th 20 18:00

Re: Two JMS books coming in 2021
Hi Hypatia. Just liked how that rolled off the tongue. :lol:

It is going to be a long time looking at my Amazon orders seeing that book out there. I think this is my earliest pre-order on anything. LOL

Markas November 12th 20 18:01

Re: Two JMS books coming in 2021
Thanks for providing this information Jan. Nice to see more content coming from JMS. :)

Jan December 23rd 20 16:47

Re: Two JMS books coming in 2021
For those interested, 'Together We Will Go' is now available for pre-order at Amazon UK.

Jan June 9th 21 21:13

Re: Two JMS books coming in 2021
Quick update on the two books:

- Becoming a Writer, Staying a Writer was released on June 1 in paperback, e-book and audio versions. It's completely different from his book on screenwriting from years back.

- Together We Will Go is going to be released on July in hardcover, e-book and audio versions. The audio book has eleven narrators listed which should work nicely as there are twelve characters and it's written in epistolary format. This is NOT a genre book at all. I've read an advance copy and it's perhaps the most amazing book I've read in at least a decade. Just amazing characters and heart and humor and passion. It'll break your heart and leave you uplifted.

So far there's only one event that I've heard of for the release of "Together We Will Go", a free virtual event on release day, July 6: https://www.raintaxi.com/j-michael-straczynski/

Looney June 10th 21 04:32

Re: Two JMS books coming in 2021
Thanks for the update Jan. I forgot how close it actually is to me getting my hardcover of TOGETHER WE WILL GO. :thumbsup:

Springer June 10th 21 10:00

Re: Two JMS books coming in 2021
Here in the UK we get Becoming a Writer... on 21 June, and Together We Will Go on 6 July.

For some reason we don't seem to be getting a hardback version of Together We Will Go in the UK, which is a shame.

Looney July 12th 21 13:26

Re: Two JMS books coming in 2021
Yes that is terrible. I wonder why?! The hardbound edition is the way to go. ;)

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