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AnlaShokGrey January 2nd 07 17:01

Andreas Katsulas and the Oscar 2007 memorial reel
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present the Oscar awards on February 25. At every Oscar awards ceremony, they show a short film of selected people in the industry who have passed on since the last Oscars. This reel isn't just for big-name stars: they often highlight the careers of lesser-known character actors, as well as technical people (like makeup professionals, cameramen, etc.).

I wrote to the Academy last year asking if Andreas was going to be included in the memorial reel, and learned that the cutoff date for inclusion in the reel is Feb. 1st each calendar year. Andreas passed on Feb. 13th, and so he wasn't eligible for last year's reel, but he _is_ eligible for this year's.

A lot of people wrote to the Academy last year before we knew about that cutoff date. I'm planning on writing again, and I hope some of you will take the time to do so as well. It's important that they know that he's someone worthy of being honored therein.

You can write to the Academy through this form on their website:


My suggestion is that you do not emphasize his role as G'Kar, as that is connected to a television show, and the Oscar ceremony honors film. Instead, remind them that Andreas was well known for playing many cinematic bad guys, like the one-armed man from "The Fugitive," but also in "Executive Decision," "Someone to Watch Over Me," "The Sicilian," etc. etc. You can find a list of his film credits here:


Remember, stress the film roles. Particularly the big ones, the classic and/or blockbuster films, which I've listed above. It's extremely important to mention "The Fugitive," because that's the one that always makes it into peoples' lists of best films of the genre/decade/era etc.

You might say something like "Andreas Katsulas was a great character actor who often played the bad guy, and who brought wonderful subtlety and a complex humanity to all of his roles. I have fond memories of him playing the one-armed man in "The Fugitive," but also of seeing him show up in numerous other great films like "Executive Decision" and "The Sicilian." I hope you're going to include him in the memorial film at this year's Oscar ceremony - he's a real loss to the film and television community." It would also help if everyone used a similar subject line on the form, something like "2007 memorial reel -- Andreas Katsulas," so that if someone is even glancing at the submissions without reading them, the message will be clear.

I think it would be a really nice tribute to Andreas to see his face up there on the screen on the Academy's biggest night, being broadcast to millions of homes, and to know that the biggest stars in Hollywood today - and those watching them - are remembering him.


Joseph DeMartino January 2nd 07 17:36

Re: Andreas Katsulas and the Oscar 2007 memorial reel
Thanks for providing the link. For what it's worth, here's the message I sent to the Academy:


In 2006 we lost too many fine actors . One of the best, though perhaps not best known, was Andreas Katsulas, who passed away on February 13, 2006. Andreas was a kind and gentle man who nearly always played the villain or the monster in film, like some latter-day Boris Karloff. Perhaps best remembered for his portrayal of the "One-Armed Man" opposite Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones in "The Fugitive", he also appeared in many other, varied roles in films like "Executive Decision", "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "Hot Shots: Part Deux" - a rare comedy for a man who so loved to laugh. Those he worked with always spoke of him as an "actor's actor" and said that they would have elevate their own preformances just to keep up when he was in a scene. He will be missed by his family, by his fellow actors, by his friends, who are many, and his fans, who are legion. I hope you can find room to include a mention of Andreas in this year's memorial reel.

Thank you

AnlaShokGrey January 2nd 07 17:46

Re: Andreas Katsulas and the Oscar 2007 memorial reel
Thanks, Joe -- that was beautiful. Now, hopefully whatever is ailing the moderated newsgroup will clear up quickly, because I'm still waiting for this same message to appear there. (One of the advantages of being a moderator is being able to moderate your own new threads as quickly as you like; however, I can't moderate something that hasn't even shown up in the queue yet!)

Joseph DeMartino January 2nd 07 21:31

Re: Andreas Katsulas and the Oscar 2007 memorial reel
Thanks. I notice that nothing new has posted to the newsgroup since about 10 this morning, at least according to my Google Groups interface. That does seem odd for the first workday back from the holidays. I guess we're having another one of those problems that Cheryl says never happen. :) OK, granted the server may not have been the issue, but when half the membership is reporting an inability to post over a nearly two-week period I expect something a little more useful than denial and claims of many coincidental user or ISP problems from the people in charge of the joint. :(



AnlaShokGrey January 12th 07 17:56

Re: Andreas Katsulas and the Oscar 2007 memorial reel
Hi, all.

I got the Academy on the phone today about this. Andreas is on the list of people they're considering for inclusion in the reel, but it's not the 'short list' yet. They need to hear from a lot of people for us to make any impact at all on their decision. Please, if you haven't written them yet, take five minutes and drop them an e-mail saying you'd like to see Andreas in this year's memorial reel during the Oscars broadcast:


Remember to talk about his movie roles that were memorable for you. You can find them listed here:


It doesn't have to be a big, long deal -- just a short note saying you're looking forward to seeing the Oscars this year, and that you certainly hope they're planning on honoring Andreas Katsulas, who passed on 2/13/06, in the memorial reel during the broadcast. And that you loved his performance in (insert "The Fugitive" and other film titles here).

Thanks, all.


Londos6 January 12th 07 22:45

Re: Andreas Katsulas and the Oscar 2007 memorial reel
Just sent mine; I hope many others will follow too. Thanks so much for reminding us! Now I only hope that they will include him.

AnlaShokGrey January 13th 07 02:43

Re: Andreas Katsulas and the Oscar 2007 memorial reel
Thanks, Londos6 (love the name, by the way :) ).

Disi Duboko January 24th 07 20:38

Re: Andreas Katsulas and the Oscar 2007 memorial reel
I just sent in my request for Andreas to be shown in the reel. I hope that the Academy takes notice to the requests and his work!!

AnlaShokGrey January 25th 07 03:03

Re: Andreas Katsulas and the Oscar 2007 memorial reel
Thank you, Disi! We'll all be watching closely on Oscar night...

hypatia January 25th 07 14:31

Re: Andreas Katsulas and the Oscar 2007 memorial reel
I won't. :lol:

Forgive me, but the Oscars can be exciting and is always flashy and interesting in who-shows-up-and-says-what kind of a way.

But it is just actors and directors and the like giving awards to actors and directors and the like.

So I wish you luck, those of you who are suffering through the whole show. :D

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