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Looney October 15th 20 20:20

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)
So I finished my October 31 Horror Movie Marathon last night with TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016). It was pretty good. I would give it a 9/10. The only reason I didn't give it 10/10 was because things didn't happen the way I wanted them to. :lol:

If you enjoy a good zombie movie then this one is for you. I'm sure anyone familiar with the Horror Sub-Genre would rank this a minimum of 7/10.

Okay now that I won't be so focused on watching Horror movies I haven't seen I'm sure I'll be starting Eureka Season 2 any day now. I also just started a new B5 Re-Watch with a new order posted by gs4291 over on JMS NEWS, so we'll see how that goes. :)

Looney October 26th 20 18:39

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)


IMDB SYNOPSIS: Henry and Jack struggle to deal with their losses as people begin burning to death for no apparent reason. At Global, Stark awaits the decision of the DOD.

LIKED..... / DIDN'T LIKE .....
I have to say I wasn't thrilled with this episode, so there was plenty I didn't like. Actually I may just have been in a foul mood or something because there really wasn't anything better or worse than any other episode. I guess on the whole it was just a very BLAH season opener.

Spoiler for spoiler:
I really hate that they are pointing to Henry becoming villainous. I also think it is ridiculous that he is going to make this transition and now he is the only person who will know why he is different. I can't stand that for some reason. I guess I am upset because he was my favorite character and I felt Season One didn't utilize him enough and now Season Two looks like he will be a character I don't like.

Oh and to address something I said in my previous entry about 1.12.

Spoiler for spoiler:
Henry sent Jack back, so I guess it makes sense that he would know what happened, but why does Henry know. They negated the idea that maybe Jack told Henry what happened because Henry has now changed for Season Two because he remembers the life he lost with Kim. SO how does he remember?! Jack it makes sense, but if Henry remembers they all should remember.

Looney November 10th 20 19:05

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

B5 GUEST STAR SIGHTING (kind of) TAMLYN TOMITA (Uncredited). Henry watches footage of her on a screen. I believe it is something we haven't seen before, but she does not get credited for the episode.

IMDB SYNOPSIS: When Fargo activates a mysterious device on Allison's first day, he endangers not only himself, but Global Dynamics and Eureka as well.

I REALLY liked this entire episode. The comedy was good. Everything worked for me. It was very refreshing after being a bit disappointed with the season opener.

The location of Allison Blake's new office seemed a bit ridiculous. Trying to wrap my head around the point of it. I can only assume it is involved with an upcoming plot or they wanted it to seem like Carter had easier access to it or something.

On the whole this was probably one of my favorite episodes. I feel like everything worked across the board and I am very glad there was finally a big revelation with regard to the villainy surrounding Global Dynamics.

Spoiler for spoiler:
So now someone, Henry, finally suspects Beverly Barlowe (Debrah Farentino) of something sinister. I hope this continues and she isn't able to explain it away. But since I am talking spoiler here, I really liked how they dealt with the crisis of the week. I loved how they made it seem like Fargo was the product of a joke gone horribly wrong, but then he wasn't.

Looney November 13th 20 16:18

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

IMDB SYNOPSIS: A surprise visitor disrupts Jack and Zoe's lives; strange weather must be tracked to its source before it becomes an "ice funnel of death."

I really liked most of this episode. BEST SCENE STEAL goes to Ed Quinn - Cafe Diem scene. I really like what they do with Stark and Carter. I loved seeing David Nykl in this, but it was far too brief. LOVED that Henry seemed a bit more back to normal.

Well I am guessing you can imagine I didn't really care for the stuff with "The Carters". And Zoe seemed very different. I don't know if it is just her hair or if she is actually thinner than she has been, which doesn't seem possible. I just know there were a couple of times I questioned if it was even the same actress. It was very strange.

Spoiler for spoiler:
I really hate it when scripts create drama where there should be none. Unless they want us to think Dr. Abby Carter is so completely self-absorbed that she is a danger to herself. It is one thing to have scenes where an spouse or ex-spouse is giving grief for using work as a defense against dealing with their issues. Happens in fiction and reality all of the time, but to have them literally involved in the crisis that is distracting the person from dealing with their issues and still giving them grief is just crazy. So we, the audience, are to believe Dr. Abby Carter is crazy.
:wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

Looney November 19th 20 20:08

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)
Episode 2.4

B5 GUEST STAR SIGHTING (kind of) TAMLYN TOMITA (Uncredited). Henry watches footage of her on a screen. This is likely going to keep happening this season so I am not going to mention it again unless there is something new with her.

People in Eureka start to disappear and Sheriff Carter seems to be the only person whom notices or remembers.

They really like to give Ed Quinn good lines. S.A.R.A.H. gets hands down the highlight of the season in the episode with her musical ambiance moment.

This was not my favorite episode. It was passable and it did have it's moments. As a matter of fact the S.A.R.A.H. musical interlude definitely makes the Top 5 moments in the series as of right now, but on the whole this one was HIGHLY predictable and a bit too over the top in some regards - for instance the large crowd in the waiting room scene just seemed like too much. I understand it served a purpose, but yeah it didn't seem believable.

Very disappointed this was Oliva D'Abo's final appearance. It makes ZERO sense that Dr. Abby Carter is not in this series again. I am going to assume she comes back later as a different actor, is referenced but never seen, or they kill her off.

And I also don't feel like the title of the episode fit that well. I'm not saying it didn't fit at all, but it just didn't feel to me it fit what happened enough to judge it as the title of the episode.

Looney November 30th 20 19:24

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)
Episode 2.5

IMDB Synopsis: Debris starts raining down on Eureka on the day of the school's science fair.

I REALLY enjoyed this episode. Twenty minutes in I might have said it was my favorite episode, but then it lost a little steam. Honestly I loved so much of the stuff early in this episode, but that tapered off by the end and it ended up being just an above average episode.

(I feel a bit of shame in admitting this, but I actually liked Zoe in this episode.) :rolleyes:

The stuff the the geese seemed forced and unnecessary.
Spoiler for spoiler:
I really got the impression that they had Frewer contracted for an episode and this is what they came up with.
It wasn't bad. It just felt a bit shoved in.

On the whole Season Two is shaping up quite nicely. I am really getting into this show.

Looney December 2nd 20 17:40

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

(Partial) IMDB Synopsis: Groups of people begin sharing dreams in some embarrassing and conflicting ways.

I liked almost everything about this episode.

Carter's reaction while being decontaminated.
Spoiler for spoiler:
The guy was naked in front of several people he is close to and he didn't react like someone whom is suddenly naked in front of several people he knows.* It was VERY poorly done.* Carter constantly acts awkward, but this time where that should have been off the charts he just stood there.* It made no sense.

The other minor thing I would say was I wish they had done more dream stuff, but what they did was fantastic.

Overall another winner. I have to be honest I did not think I was going to like this show as much as I am, so I hope it continues.

Looney December 11th 20 22:44

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

Fargo's Grandfather is found mysteriously frozen in Cryo-Stasis after 50 years and the gang has to figure out how and why. :lol:

I think I'm falling in love with Jo (Erica Cerra) LOL. I enjoyed most of this episode, .....

..... but I didn't really like the way they used the plot. I felt like they could have done more with it than they did. And I have no clue what was really their point with the "B" plot.

Spoiler for spoiler:
I guess it was supposed to teach Zoe a lesson, but I just felt it was unnecessary.* I don't know. It rubbed me wrong.

Having said that is still a good addition to Season 2. I would say a bit weaker episode, but this season is still shaping up well. :thumbsup:

Looney December 14th 20 17:19

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

IMDB Synopsis When Allison puts a newly hired, but criminal, genius in Jack's care he's less than pleased, but then an accident in a lab causes most of GD to lose their smarts, and he may be the only one with the solution.

The humor in this episode was good. I really loved what happened to everyone and how that got related to Carter.😁

I HATE gimmicky characters!!!!!! At first I thought this new character was going to fill a necessary void (I don't recall any of the main characters claiming to be a computer expert. Different characters have done things that require computer expertise, but none of the main characters have really claimed that as their field.) Then it turned out he was a particle physicist not a computer expert - or he is both. IDK. I HATE gimmicky characters!!!!!😡

Spoiler for spoiler:
Oooooooo I'm a rebel particle physicist expert hacker super genius pretty boy who lives by my own set of rules. I've got a criminal record, but that is because I am like Robin Hood.* OMG I hate gimmicky characters!!!!!!* I mean every character has a gimmick.* I just hate the ones that appear they came in a studio memo.* I hope I like the character because I hate the background setup.

AND the best part of the episode came in two parts.* The first part was when I believe Henry said to Carter that he must feel like this all the time.* The second part was when Stark's RC car broke. LOL*

Looney December 17th 20 19:57

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

Invisibility makes an appearance in Eureka. :lol: :lol: :lol:

This was a pretty middle of the road episode. I did like the effects and always the humor.
Spoiler for spoiler:
I did like the stuff about the legality of invisibility. It will be interesting to see if the laws they mention come up again because I know they will do episodes on the other subjects they said had treaties.

The relationship stuff. I see no reason to introduce any romance stuff into this show. LOL :rolleyes:
This episode just didn't strike me as a favorite.

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