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KoshN April 11th 10 00:44

Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by Demonn (Post 359339)

Originally Posted by KoshN (Post 359249)
Damn! No wrap up, ....a cliffhanger? Heh, by the time I get to it and read it, maybe the next one will be out.

Yep... cliffhanger... to be continued at a later date I guess.

Changes really was an good title for the book... everything changed. :p By the time you get to the end you're left with, "what happens next?"

And now you have to wait A YEAR. :(

Demonn April 22nd 10 10:54

Re: The Dresden Files
Yep... thank god for other book series I guess.

Demonn May 2nd 10 03:12

Re: The Dresden Files
Next book is gonna be called Ghost Story... & I found this little tid bit on wikipedia.

& I don't want to hear any crap about wikipedia, I like it, it works, not everything on there is made up or completely false. :p

Harry's story will continue in Aftermath, told from Karrin Murphy's point of view and running from roughly half an hour after the end of Changes. The story will be released as part of Side Jobs, a collection of Dresden shorts due for release in late summer or early autumn of 2010.

Jim Butcher has already signed for a thirteenth Dresden novel, tentatively listed as Ghost Story on his official forums, and confirmed by Butcher at several signings ( his publishers wouldnt let him call it the more prosaic Dead). He has also confirmed that Changes marks the midpoint of Harry's story and there will be at least 7 more books, possibly 10, to finish Harry's story.

KoshN May 2nd 10 17:58

Re: The Dresden Files
"Side Jobs" (short story collection), "Ghost Story" and 7 to 10 more novels after "Ghost Story." :D Thanks for the good news.

Battlestar May 3rd 10 22:51

Re: The Dresden Files
I haven't read any of the books (I still have alot of reading to do... been falling behind) but I really enjoyed the show when it first aired and picked up the DVD set when it came out.

Demonn May 4th 10 11:23

Re: The Dresden Files
I started reading the books because of the show... turns out the show sucked. Compared to the books at least. ;)

Dresden Files is the one books series I try to recomend to everybody...

KoshN May 4th 10 16:34

Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by Demonn (Post 360835)
I started reading the books because of the show... turns out the show sucked. Compared to the books at least. ;)

Well.... I did like Paul Blackthorne as Harry, Valerie Cruz as Murph (aside from being a brunette, not Irish, not 5'0" and having the wrong firstname. She seemed to have the Murph personality down pat.), Terrence Mann as Bob, and Joanne Kelly as Bianca (even though they did write her wrong. Boy, there's one HOT Newfie! :D :D :D ).

Demonn May 13th 10 01:31

Re: The Dresden Files
Morgan threw me all off when I started reading the books... turned out he was supposed ot be a white guy that looked like Sean Connery. :p

Demonn September 19th 10 21:25

Re: The Dresden Files
Side Jobs comes out on October 26th...

For those of you that don't read Dresden Files, & some of you that do... each book only covers a couple days in the life of Harry Dresden. With that said, some short stories were published inbetween books and some were just done to give you a better understanding of Harry. There's also a graphic novel called Welcome to the Jungle...

Most importantly, for those of you that have just read Changes, & are like "WTF?"... Aftermath should be at the end of the book & it takes place 45 minutes after Changes ends. It's also told form Murphy's point of view.

Demonn February 17th 11 14:01

Re: The Dresden Files
They've changed the release date for Ghost Story... it's now July 26th instead of April. :(

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