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GordirkronIX June 29th 12 07:02

Sinclair and Kosh
Which version of "The Gathering" should we follow? Are both part of the story? Just wondering if Kosh had known or had at least knew of Sinclair before the Gathering. Did they have some acquaintance? I was just thinking all the Vorlon race was connected together by telepathy anyways. And Kosh was there when Sinclair was taken aboard the Minbari ship and interrogated. So I guess he could have at least known about Sinclair.
Just wondering....

JoeD80 July 3rd 12 01:17

Re: Sinclair and Kosh
How far in the series have you watched? I think it's made clear in season three why Kosh knew Sinclair...certainly the Minbari told the Vorlons that Sinclair was related to their prophecy either way, so Kosh would be interested in meeting him.

As for the Vorlons being telepathic I think it's more that they break pieces of themselves off that they can communicate with. This is referenced in a few episodes here and there.

Alioth July 4th 12 04:57

Re: Sinclair and Kosh
I wonder if the two Vorlons that were shown in "angelic" form with Valen and Zathras on B4 were Kosh and Ulkesh (from 1000 years ago, who'd come aboard before the Minbari who found the station). I'd have to watch again to see if they had orangish and purple encounter suits respectively.

The movie In the Beginning sort of implies they knew as well--"the truth points to itself".

Ivanova's Foot July 4th 12 10:59

Re: Sinclair and Kosh
That would be very interesting if it was those two. I'm sure I've read somewhere (Lurker's Guide?) that JMS indicated that it wasn't so, but it's still fun to speculate. Hope I'm wrong!

Galahad July 8th 12 15:23

Re: Sinclair and Kosh

Originally Posted by Alioth (Post 399100)
The movie In the Beginning sort of implies they knew as well--"the truth points to itself".

I don't think that is mere implication I think it is pretty explicit. If you read the canonic book "To Dream in the City of Sorrows", the picture becomes even clearer (well... as clear as it can be when the vorlons are involved).

Sinclair's relationship to both Kosh & Ulkesh and the relationship between themselves, proves quite revealing.

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