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taichidave October 11th 03 10:22

Re: New Doctor Who!
I remembered Sara, forgot about Katrina.

So that's three, four if you count Peri.

Yeah, considering the opportunities for death and dismemberment, by and large, the Docotr does an exemplary job looking after his companions.

Being the Doctor's companion is the safest way to time travel! :cool:

hypatia October 11th 03 11:35

Re: New Doctor Who!
I wish I could have seen more of the early Dr Who episodes. I get PBS now out of Tucson and they tended to repeat the Tom Baker episodes only. Then they briefly showed the Tom Baker and on episodes. If I hadn't seen Dr. Who when I was in college in New Mexico, I'd never have seen the first three doctors at all.

I sure wish the Tucson PBS station would show Dr. Who again. It was a fun series. :cool: And what I saw of the first Doctor's episodes, I liked a lot.

ElScorcho October 11th 03 13:26

Re: New Doctor Who!
You can get most of them on VHS now. The BBC is very slowly releasing R1 DVDs as well. The "Key to Time" season is available in a boxed set.

hypatia October 11th 03 15:32

Re: New Doctor Who!
I'm sinking so much money into the DS9 DVD's (I can't see the episodes anywhere, like I can TNG) I shudder to think of starting to collect Dr. Who on DVD. :eek:

ElScorcho October 11th 03 16:11

Re: New Doctor Who!
Check your local library?

hypatia October 11th 03 18:33

Re: New Doctor Who!
My local library is almost nonexistant. I'm fairly sure they wouldn't have a Dr. Who collection.

Jade Jaguar October 12th 03 01:15

Re: New Doctor Who!
Now that Joe has reminded me of who he is, by mentioning Johnathan Creek, I think Alan Davies would make a fine Dr.

I actually liked Adric. The only companion I really hated was Turlow, and could never understand why the Dr. let him get away with so much nasty business.

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