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Markas September 30th 03 01:58

Claudia Christian on Everwood
I saw her on Everwood tonight. It was a very short time with her, but it was great to see her again....especially in an Army uniform. ;)

vacantlook September 30th 03 02:05

Re: Claudia Christian on Everwood
I don't have a WB network, so I don't get to see any WB shows when most people get to see them. Luckily, there's a local NBC station that airs most of the WB primetime shows really late at night. These shows usually are a about a week after they're broadcast on the WB. I'll make sure to look out for CC on Everwood. I don't usually miss an episode of Everwood when my local NBC station shows it late at night, but it has happened a few times; I'll have to make sure I don't miss the next one so I can see CC. Thanks for the heads-up.

Markas September 30th 03 21:02

Re: Claudia Christian on Everwood
...I live but to serve...or something like that. :)

GeoKuutio October 2nd 03 16:55

Re: Claudia Christian on Everwood
Offtopic: I LOVE Everwood... It's one of the best series that is airing even in Finland.

Markas October 3rd 03 00:32

Re: Claudia Christian on Everwood
I find myself strangely enjoying it. I'm far from their demographic, but...I like it. :D

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