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Looney September 24th 20 16:38

Eureka (2006-2012)
You didn't ask for it, but here it is.....

I am going to start by just bringing over what I have said in other forums about the first ten episodes. Then go from there. I am writing these posts across three forums so you may have already seen them on JMS News or ISN News.

I will first explain that I did watch some of Eureka back in 2006. I can't remember how far I got, but watching these first ten episodes I am feeling like I didn't get very far because they haven't really seemed terribly familiar. Honestly none of them have seemed familiar at all since the very early ones. This is easily explained with regard to the fact that I live in a rural community and back in 2006 we did not have reliable cable television. I don't remember if it was still the SciFi Channel back in 2006 or if it had already switched to the ridiculous SyFy channel, but either way it never worked well with our cable. If I could see the picture it was never clear and always "fuzzy". This made it very difficult to stick with shows on that channel. And in the interest of honesty this show didn't hook me long term. I did enjoy the pilot and the setup and this time around the pilot did hook me again. I want to see more, but I don't think I lasted long watching this the first time around.

So again the Pilot did hook me this time and I did enjoy it, but that is all I am going to mention on that one. The next nine posts will be what I "Liked" and "Didn't Like" from episodes two through ten. ;)

Looney September 24th 20 16:39

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

IMDB Synopsis
What appears to be a ghost begins terrorizing people and disrupting equipment shortly after a funeral, and even more surprising, one of the recently dead reappears alive.

I enjoyed this one. I like the whole SMART HOUSE concept. I liked the funeral twist. Not so sure how I feel about the new "villain".

Liked That the Daughter was gone.

Didn't Like.....

That they brought the daughter back.

REALLY didn't like what Allison Blake (Sally Richardson-Whitfield) did to Susan Perkins (Jennifer Clemment). That was horrible. I would have punched her in the face. Yeah I knew there was going to be some happy ending, but that was soooooooooo messed up.


What if the kid had seen her? And she isn't his mother so bringing her to pretend she is his mother is ridiculous. And how would you explain to the kid because you are going to have to explain to him when he realizes she doesn't act right. I know it is a TV show, but that started as a great twist and their forcing a happy ending just made it messed up.

Looney September 24th 20 16:41

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)


IMDB Synopsis
Occurrences of short-term memory loss begin when visiting scientists hit town, and Jack has to determine the cause while not letting down Zoe who is acting in a school play.


Pretty much everything. Andrew Airlie, does he end up a villain or at least a despicable person in everything? Maybe he just has that look.

Didn't like.....

Something I didn't like was a problem this show is going to have a tough time dealing with.... the implication. The implication of the technology they are creating in the show and how it is dealt with seems like it is going to become a HUGE plot flaw. In this episode two pieces of technology are a focal point and these pieces would change the world forever, but at the end of the episode they just gloss over that fact and move on like that wasn't really a thing. That is quite annoying and I have a feeling it is something this show will have to do every episode because it would be too difficult to explain and maintain the arc of all this created technology now being out there in the world. In the first episodes it was okay because part of the drama was the malfunction of the device. But in this episode there was no malfunction. These were two items that were ready to go out there and change the world forever, but that fact got left out of the final scenes.

Looney September 24th 20 16:42

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

IMDB Synopsis
The presence of a crop circle leads to thoughts of an alien invasion, the future of Eureka is threatened when a congressman visits, and Jo and Jack work on their trust issues.


Meh. This was just a passable episode for me. I like that Erica Cerra got a bit more to do. I like how ridiculous it was that Spencer had this crazy great home theater setup, but all of them were essentially sitting in kitchen table chairs. I like the little bit of germinating overall arc, but I feel like they won't be able to maintain it.

Didn't Like.....

Who had the terrible idea of making Matt Frewer Australian?!?!?!?! It is WAY too gimmicky. Once again we have the development of a device that will change the world forever, swept under the rug of the end credits. Get use to me mentioning that because it will likely be saying it after every episode.

Looney September 24th 20 16:44

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

IMDB Synopsis
A lab accident causes a scientist to, seemingly, become indestructible, but Carter and Stark have their own concerns.

I really liked this episode, but I might be biased because Saul Rubinek is guest stars in it. I really liked the plot and how it had a bit of a twist I didn't expect. I really liked the twist. If only the show could do that every week. Wrap things up all neat and tidy.

Didn't Like.....
Well there wasn't much I didn't like other than the fact I WISH they had known WAREHOUSE 13 was coming and Rubinek could have established Artie Nielsen in this series as a crossover. BUT of course there was three years between the two series.

This does make me REALLY want to watch WAREHOUSE 13 because I did the same thing to that show that I did with this one, stopped after Season One. I think I have said before that Rubinek was my favorite part of that show so this one really pushed that button.

Looney September 24th 20 16:45

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

IMDB Synopsis
After Fargo triggers a device from the Cold War era, the race is on to shut it off before it starts a world war, but the only solution may lie in the depths of a demented scientist's mind.


Hmmmm.... This episode was okay. I like what they are doing with Henry even though you have to think around to make it logical. I look at it as he is the smartest person around, so he basically gets to do what he wants.

Didn't Like....

I didn't like how every aspect of this episode was HIGHLY predictable.

Why do shows feel they need to include characters like Zoe?! Soooo annoying. I feel that she should be part of the series, maybe two or three times a season. And why would she be surprised by VR tennis after being in a holographic play?

And I would have much preferred a bit of a different twist with Eugenia. I liked her character and would have liked to see things go differently, even possibly turn her into a recurring character. Alas I looked and this is her only appearance.

Okay, Okay, Okay this might be a bit of a spoiler, so look away. LOL

They had better eventually explain how Stark has a Nobel Prize. Fingers crossed he bought it from someone's estate.

Looney September 24th 20 16:46

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

IMDB Synopsis
A car accident leads back to scientists at Global, Zoe finds a boyfriend, and Jack tries to drum up support for a town baseball league.


The humor in this one, but I feel they could have done more with it. I do like how much they are including Joe Morton. Can't help but think this series might have been better if he were Jack Carter. I do like how they are playing Stark, though I feel like there has to be a definite good or bad turn eventually. I think I will lose interest if they don't decide he is good or bad. They definitely need to give him more back story, in particular the Nobel thing.

Didn't Like....

This is going to become a common dislike I mention, Zoe. Oh she makes it hard to watch the show. I feel bad for the actress being a part of the show I do not like. I also didn't care for how predictable this was. And I thought it was quite ridiculous that the focus of the research wasn't on what was helping them focus on the research. I feel that discovery was a MUCH bigger deal than a Missile defense system and those involved didn't treat it with nearly the importance it deserved. For real, that was HUGE and was not treated in that manner at all. Shocking plot flaw.

Looney September 24th 20 16:50

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

IMDB Synopsis
Odd fluctuations in computer-controlled environments may have something to do with the return of Eureka's prodigal son.


Hmmmmm.... I thought Stark (Ed Quinn) was REALLY good in this one.

Didn't Like.....

WAY TOO MUCH ZOE. And overall this was a big fail for me outside of Quinn's performance. The concept was so ridiculous and there was a HUGE plot flaw you could drive a truck through.
Spoiler for spoiler:
..... My Android is acting up and the only way I can deal with it is to destroy my lab to cover up the experiment and release the Android into the world to live its own experiences. SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It was just too ridiculous. 🤨🤨😖😖

I am REALLY starting to like these characters and this cast. Have to say I am always a sucker for supporting cast. Too bad you don't fit that bill in this show Jordan Danger (AKA Jordan Hinson as ZOE in this show.)

*******SIDE NOTE ADDITION EXCLUSIVE HERE ON B5TV. I watched this on the 21st of September and I keep thinking about it because it really annoys me. They brought this technology in and then in the next two episodes it isn't mentioned. This is something that is really going to annoy me about this show. And extreme leap in Artificial Intelligence and it is just another crisis of the week episode. WOW! :eek:

Looney September 24th 20 16:52

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

IMDB Synopsis
Taggart achieves a medical breakthrough while Fargo invents a device that bridges the divide between computers and human brains.

(This episode references back to INVINCIBLE Episode 5)


I think they opened a real can of worms with this episode, but thankfully it was quickly taken care of. On the whole I would say this was a winner.

Didn't Like....

I don't feel the title was very fitting. I also feel like Matt Frewer reaction to what he did to the dog was WAY to subdued. I mean the face of so many things has just possibly been changed forever and he acted like it was an every day occurrence.

Looney September 24th 20 16:54

Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

This is my own synopsis.
*After a strange night of multiple people randomly passing out Eureka awakens to find everyone acting out of the ordinary. Carter must race to solve the mystery before the town, and perhaps the world, plunge into chaos.*

(This episode also references back to INVINCIBLE, Episode 5.)

Seeing the actors get to do things they wouldn't normally do. Lots of great banter and out of character moments.

Didn't Like....
Some of the afflicted characters didn't seem to act very out of character. Early on in the episode it appeared only the female characters were affected because the male characters didn't seem to be out of character.

The ending was a bit shaky with regard to being believable. When Carter was dealing with it there seemed to be a bit of a stretch as to how he was able to remain unaffected.

All and all I did really like the episode despite mentioning more of what I didn't like. :p

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