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Markas July 28th 16 17:27

RIP Jerry Doyle
Unbelievably, Jerry Doyle has died at just 60 years old. Too many have gone beyond the rim too early.

Rest well, Mr. Garabaldi.

Springer July 28th 16 17:43

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
I don't believe it. Absolutely don't believe it. I'm gutted. Holding out hope that this is a hoax of some kind.

Far too many of the cast have gone before their time. RIP Jerry.

tygirwulf July 28th 16 18:14

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
I was shocked, just shocked, to hear of this. So sad, that another of the First Ones has passed beyond the Rim.

I don't think this is a hoax, as his family posted about it on his Facebook page

Springer July 28th 16 18:38

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
The BBC have a brief obituary: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-36918773

Edit: and a statement from JMS on Jerry Doyle's Epic Times website: http://www.epictimes.com/07/28/2016/...h-jerry-doyle/

Wulf July 28th 16 20:11

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
I now think it would be an awesome prank to pre-record a bunch of videos saying reports of my death were actually a prank, and have somebody release them after my death.

Or horribly insensitive. I dunno, I can never find that line.

vorlonlovechild July 28th 16 22:12

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
just heard. absolutely gutted..... there are no words. RIP Jerry.

B5_Obsessed July 28th 16 22:45

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
Shit and shit.

vacantlook July 28th 16 23:22

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
It's been a while since I last checked in on this board, but I had to come by to see if Doyle's death was true. It's becoming quite a list of those gone from B5.

hypatia July 29th 16 01:44

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
I read JMS's comment on how we've lost too many, too early (in our B5 circle).

Jerry Doyle was one of the freshest characters in the show. He felt genuine whether things were up or down, comedic or tragic. And he seemed to make quite an impression on those who knew him.

Markas July 29th 16 02:54

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
Following up on Hypatia's mention of JMS, here is his own obiturary of Jerry, for want of a better term.

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