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Markas March 19th 03 16:00

The flower?
I looked at who's online and I noticed that ChiLlBerserker had a flower by his login. What is that about? :confused:

Fas March 19th 03 16:03

Re: The flower?
ICQ (an instant messenger)

Kribu March 19th 03 16:04

Re: The flower?
ICQ icons for those who have ICQ, to indicate whether someone is online or offline. Seems to be a feature of the new UBB.threads. :cool:

Rid March 19th 03 17:03

Re: The flower?
ah auh!!

Chilli March 19th 03 17:10

Re: The flower?
Suddenly I feel seriousley watched :cool:

Big Markas is watching you ;)

Rid March 19th 03 17:37

Re: The flower?
Hehe and he is not to be annoyed ;)
He is after all Darth Gutter...no mercy there :D

Markas March 19th 03 20:35

Re: The flower?
Dear Chilli...it just happened to be YOU that had the flower. I am seriously other-abled these days...not figuring that out. I must be going senile!

...but Rid is right...I'm not to be trifled with. :D

RW7427 March 20th 03 01:20

Re: The flower?
Yes, I have that lovely little ICQ flower by my name. But I rarely use my ICQ, so it doesn't matter. ;)

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