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Markas January 14th 09 17:38

RIP Patrick McGoohan
Sadly, the star of The Prisoner and many other roles Patrick McGoohan has died in Los Angeles at the age of 80.

I loved The Prisoner. It fascinated me when I was a child.

Chilli January 14th 09 18:07

Re: RIP Patrick McGoohan

GKarsEye January 14th 09 18:16

Re: RIP Patrick McGoohan
the problem with Scotland... is that it's full of Scots!

Sindatur January 14th 09 18:19

Re: RIP Patrick McGoohan
Wow, what a shame, another great gone. I too loved the Prisoner. As a kid when I watched it, I didn't understand all the allegory, but, it worked on it's own without the allegory.

Galahad January 14th 09 18:21

Re: RIP Patrick McGoohan
The Reaper's been a busy boy this month... too busy for my liking.

Alluveal January 14th 09 18:33

Re: RIP Patrick McGoohan
Damn. =(

Sisko January 14th 09 22:47

Re: RIP Patrick McGoohan
Prisoner yep, thinking Ice station zebra too, one of my favorite movies

hypatia January 15th 09 03:42

Re: RIP Patrick McGoohan
Yes, I just heard about Ricardo Montalban today, and now this. :(

I have "Prisoner" on DVD, I had to have it to see if it made better sense to me. He had creative control on that one, and it was meant to be shorter than it was, isn't that right? And I enjoyed him in Ice Station Zebra very much, as well.

He's also the kind of actor who popped up a lot, unexpectedly.

He did great work.

darth_librarian January 15th 09 11:21

Re: RIP Patrick McGoohan
I loved Ice Station Zebra, he was great in that. Also sucks about Motalban as well.

Demonn January 15th 09 23:46

Re: RIP Patrick McGoohan

Originally Posted by GKarsEye (Post 334944)
the problem with Scotland... is that it's full of Scots!

I was trying to figure out who this was... that summed it up nicely. ;)

He shall live on through Braveheart. RIP

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