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vacantlook September 20th 05 16:36

EpDis: Convictions
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RW7427 September 20th 05 16:43

Re: EpDis: Convictions
I just gave it a B. It's kind of an entertaining episode, but that bomber kinda bugs me. :lol:

I love the part with Londo talking to an unconscious Lennier in Medlab though. :D

Shaal Mayan September 20th 05 16:51

Re: EpDis: Convictions
C entertaining enough but that's about all.

vacantlook September 20th 05 17:02

Re: EpDis: Convictions
I agree with the C. I love Londo's bits with Lennier and also with G'Kar in the transport tube, but the main story of the episode was a bit bland to me. I enjoy watching it every now and then, but it's not one I jump for like an excited puppy.

macmaccaman September 20th 05 18:50

Re: EpDis: Convictions
Rewatched this last week (I'm on to Series 5 now in my rewatches!)...
G'kar and Londo are the highlight in this - I love G'kar in this for he is quite quite mad. Sometimes think they coulda gone on slightly longer with him in this state.... but hey I can't complain.

That and Sheridan's punches save this episode from an F. I hate that bomber.

KoshFan September 20th 05 19:48

Re: EpDis: Convictions
The bomber is your classic cardboard villain. But the first time I saw this I did get a bit wrapped up in the intensity (and it was a bit nice to have a villain who didn't really have some Deep Dark Secret Agenda). But Londo and G'Kar sell this episode without question.

GKarsEye September 20th 05 20:10

Re: EpDis: Convictions
Oh this is the episode with the elevator! I tell you, G'Kar laughing at their mutual impending doom- this is exactly the kind of thing why B5 still gets to me.

"Can anyone here me?!"
"I hear you"

Brlliantly played by Katsulas, the way he just laughs at Londo's escape plan as if it surviving would be the silliest thing in the world.

And, uh, oh yeah, some other stuff happens I guess...

vacantlook September 20th 05 20:57

Re: EpDis: Convictions
Londo: "I hate my life!"

G'Kar: "So do I!"

Londo: "Shut up!"


Enlightened_GKar September 20th 05 21:48

Re: EpDis: Convictions
Good dialogue, plenty of action, comedy, monks . . . this episode seems to be a little underrated.

I like the premise quite a bit. Especially in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Markas September 20th 05 23:02

Re: EpDis: Convictions
I gave it a B. I think that just the scenes with Londo and G'Kar together are worth that. :D

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