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Jan September 28th 21 00:37

Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series
More detail from JMS (long Twitter thread):

Karajorma September 28th 21 02:26

Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series
Here's the big question no one seems to be asking.

"Does he already know how it will end?"

What I'm hoping for is a completely different story as different as Battlestar Galactica was from the original but with the whole series known from beginning to end so that "The Plan" doesn't feel tacked on at the end like it did in BSG, Lost, DS9 or any of the other shows that followed B5 but didn't think ahead the way B5 did.

If the ending has already been planned, and given that this is JMS, he probably has as it was the greatest strength of B5, I'm 100% onboard.

EDIT: My only other wish - Use new character names! It gets tedious having to write "Sheridan in the Original B5" all the time!

Kyehlar September 28th 21 03:38

Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series

Originally Posted by Karajorma (Post 465238)
Here's the big question no one seems to be asking.

"Does he already know how it will end?"

According to the twitter posting, apparently he does know how it'll end.


Most of all, for the first time, Babylon 5 introduced viewers accustomed to episodic television to the concept of a five-year arc with a pre-planned beginning, middle and end…creating a brand new paradigm for television storytelling that has subsequently become the norm. That tradition for innovation will continue in this new iteration, and I hope to create additional new forms of storytelling that will further push the television medium to the edge of what’s possible.

Karajorma September 28th 21 04:00

Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series
It does show that he knows it was the most important innovation, but it doesn't prove that he won't try to be innovative by doing something else this time.


That tradition for innovation will continue in this new iteration

It's exactly innovative to do the same thing again. I hope he will, but I'm not taking that statement as proof, I'd want something a little more definite.

Looney September 28th 21 04:15

Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series

What more can I say?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :D

Springer September 28th 21 07:24

Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series
I will of course watch it.

But - I have a lot of trepidation going into this, maybe even a little sadness. It's hard to put into words and maybe I need to cogitate on it for longer, but the original B5 is very dear to me. Maybe my fear is that the reboot will eclipse the original in people's minds, just by being newer and flashier, and my instinct is to be protective of the original.

I also find reboots to be, generally, a creatively bankrupt concept. Of course there are exceptions and some reboots do work out, like BSG, but I would rather see JMS produce a completely new space-based show.

I will keep my fingers crossed that this is good. It might be hard for me to warm to it at first, and I think the new show will have to work to justify its existence. If it can do that, then I will be in all the way.

And, it might open the door for merchandise related to the original show. At least get the blu-ray out...

PS. There were two rumoured projects, this but also the animated show. Hopefully this hasn't nixed the possibility of the animated show.

Kyehlar September 28th 21 07:43

Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series
We've seen how reboots have revitalized franchises. BSG, Star Trek, and even non-sci-fi series such as Hawaii Five-0, MacGuyver, etc. It brought in both new and old fans for the new material, and it also put an eye on the original versions. My friend and I just recently watched B5, and it was his first time watching it. He just never had the opportunity back in the 90's to watch it the first time.

So really this is good for B5, because it will draw attention to the original material, and a newfound appreciation for it and the actors that are no longer with us.

Moonface September 28th 21 08:07

Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series
It seems I was spot on with my timing of making a Season 1 recap now :D

I'm sooo excited! ...



My poor girlfriend ^^

Ubik September 28th 21 09:04

Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series
Hey, at the very least, we have something new to discuss and politely argue about. :lol:

Moonface September 28th 21 09:08

Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series
Can anyone explain to me what a CW is?

As in
"To answer all the questions, yes, it’s true, Babylon 5 is in active development as a series for the CW."

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