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JonFrain June 18th 17 00:00

RIP Stephen Furst :(

Furst died Friday morning in his Ventura County, Calif. home, his son tells TMZ. His death was a result of complications from diabetes.

Markas June 18th 17 00:30

Re: RIP Stephen Furst :(
Bloody hell, I just heard. So very awfully sad. I have no words.

Rest in peace, Mr. Furst. You are already missed.

Looney June 18th 17 01:53

Re: RIP Stephen Furst :(
I can't believe it. So glad I got a chance to meet him in 2014 in Galveston. I can't believe it.

Sinclair June 18th 17 02:17

Re: RIP Stephen Furst :(
I just saw this and came straight here. This poor series has lost way too many actors way too early. It seems like it never stops. I seriously hope we don't have to do another post like this for a long ass time..

RIP Stephen

dawnchild June 18th 17 09:47

Re: RIP Stephen Furst :(
How incredibly sad :( Like Sinclair says above, this poor series has lost way too many actors way too early.

RIP Stephen

hypatia June 18th 17 16:54

Re: RIP Stephen Furst :(
This news shocked me, he was not that old and he had such a positive attitude towards diabetes and how serious a condition it was. He was so well known and loved for his work, and he seemed like he was one of the better grounded actors.

Kraig June 19th 17 06:06

Re: RIP Stephen Furst :(
RIP Stephen. I enjoyed your work and I'll miss you.

vacantlook June 19th 17 19:41

Re: RIP Stephen Furst :(
I only just read about this. So many....

RW7427 June 20th 17 02:29

Re: RIP Stephen Furst :(
I loved Vir! R.I.P. Stephen! :(

Demonn June 21st 17 03:59

Re: RIP Stephen Furst :(
I noticed him in Sorority Boys (2002) & I rember thinking... " he looks older then I thought he was." Vir was a younger character and it was just odd seeing the guy a couple years later looking way older. I walked by a TV with the NASCAR race on Sunday... the announcer mentioned this and I looked for more details on my phone, it became a sad day.

The guy made Vir a fan favorite... as an actor though he will live on.

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