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Jan April 4th 17 23:05

Streaming B5 - Legally - USA
Yes, at long last, there's a legal way to stream B5 on mobile devices or regular desktop:


It's effective today and the site seems to be fairly new. There was an article in Variety yesterday about it:



Deal includes 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,' 'Almost Human,' 'Babylon 5,' 'Believe,' 'Stalker'

Verizon is punching the thriller and sci-fi buttons with a pact to bring all seasons of seven Warner Bros. TV shows — including “Veronica Mars” and “Fringe” — to the free Go90 mobile-video service.

The deal with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution makes Go90 the exclusive streaming outlet for the series, which also include “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” “Almost Human,” “Babylon 5,” “Believe” and “Stalker.” Besides theoretically appealing to Go90’s millennial target demo, the shows were more affordable for Verizon to license than more recent TV hits. A source familiar with the pact indicated that it runs for one year or less.
Let's try to make it a success!


Spacecadet10 April 6th 17 22:33

Re: Streaming B5 - Legally - USA
Lol you beat me to it! I was just about to create a post for this. This is really great news. I own B5 on DVD in its entirety, but I'm glad more people will be able to watch it now because the fact that it wasn't on a streaming service was a huge turn-off. I suppose DVDs are just viewed as obsolete or too expensive nowadays.

Wulf April 11th 17 18:55

Re: Streaming B5 - Legally - USA
"Sorry! go90TM Mobile TV Network is only available to people that aren't you."


Looney April 29th 17 03:45

Re: Streaming B5 - Legally - USA
Very surprised this hasn't gotten more comments. I am watching it on Go90 and it looks great on my tablet. It is free and I love it. I have seen very few commercials at the start of episodes. I am almost through Season One. My only complaint is I wish I could get it on my Roku to view on my TV, but like I said, it looks really good on my tablet . . . and my phone. :)

hypatia April 29th 17 16:51

Re: Streaming B5 - Legally - USA
I don't watch a lot of stuff on my computer, I also prefer it on the television screen. I also am at a busy time, rematching the entire series would work better for me in the summer time.

Looney April 30th 17 02:30

Re: Streaming B5 - Legally - USA
I have to admit that I do greatly enjoy that I can just carry it with me and have it playing in the background where ever I go. :) This being said, it is a huge distraction that makes me constantly stop and start looking at the screen. :lol:

hypatia May 10th 17 01:56

Re: Streaming B5 - Legally - USA
Just don't play it while driving. ;)

Looney May 10th 17 05:04

Re: Streaming B5 - Legally - USA

Originally Posted by hypatia (Post 458158)
Just don't play it while driving. ;)

Yes, very good advice. Thankfully the data plan on my phone would not permit me to play it while driving without racking up a huge bill, but it gets turned on whenever I have WiFi. :thumbsup:

Looney May 28th 17 02:55

Re: Streaming B5 - Legally - USA
So I thought I should mention this because it has amazed me. I have been traveling and watching B5 on Go90 with my phone. I have been watching with earbuds in and I can't believe how I feel like I am hearing certain little things for the first time. There have been parts to pieces of music I feel I haven't heard before. And then there is some background noise or background effects that seem new, but I know it is just that I wasn't hearing them through the various TVs I've had since the 90s. It has been a great revelation. :thumbsup: And again, I can't believe how great it has looked on my small screens. :bolian:

Looney March 1st 18 03:07

Re: Streaming B5 - Legally - USA
Anyone know if Go90 has picked up the streaming rights for another year? I know the year they signed up for is almost up, so I am hoping they either pick it up again or someone bigger does. I've yet to meet one person who has ever heard of Go90 in the past year and I know people who have Verizon products.

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