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tjmeyer January 5th 11 19:43

Lightwave meshes
I'm looking for some lightwave 3D meshes.

Earth Alliance Olympus Class Corvette
Centauri Vorcahn Class Cruiser
Narn space station from the episode "The Coming of Shadows"

These things used to be all over the internet but now I can't find them.

Thanks for any help :thumbsup:

Demonn January 5th 11 20:30

Re: Lightwave meshes
Yeah... there used to be tutorials all over the place too.

You're best bet, if you haven't already done so... would be to ask around in the B5Tech Forums and or Spacebattles...

Triple F January 6th 11 01:20

Re: Lightwave meshes
If you can convert 3DS over to lightwave then there's more here than you can shake a stick at. (includig a few of the designs mongoose did for the games).


If it has to be lightwave follow some of the links to the model builders listed at the bottom of the screen. Most will throw up 404's these days but I think the likes of Fabio Passaro still holds a few online.

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