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vacantlook January 8th 06 20:49

EpDis: Interludes And Examinations
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KoshFan January 8th 06 21:43

Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations
I love a good Kosh episode -- and this is Kosh at his best.

Joseph DeMartino January 8th 06 22:05

Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations
Simply one of the very best. I remember what a shocker this was during the series' intiial run, and the mixed reaction to it. Beautifully played by all concerned, and some of JMS's very best writing.



RW7427 January 9th 06 00:18

Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations
A all the way! :cool:

KoshN January 9th 06 00:33

Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations
A+. One of my favorite episodes of the entire series. Episode has a both triumph and <u>dread</u>. All of the actors carry it off very well. Great feel added by the music.

Poignant is the best word to describe it.

I also love how the events of this episode are presented and filled out in the Technomage trilogy.

Jade Jaguar January 9th 06 01:01

Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations
A from me too. Packed with intrigue, and pregnant with possibilities...

Springer January 9th 06 09:18

Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations
I remember a certain magazine spoiling Kosh's death for me - for some reason my eyes would always be drawn to anthing that said 'Spoilers' and make me read it, even if I didn't want to!

The best bits involve Sheridan and Kosh. Sheridan confronting Kosh was superb, as now, at last, we saw somneone testing the Vorlon. And then, when Kosh came to Sheridan in a dream, it was very moving. Of course, it wasn't quite the end for Kosh. I guess it must have been then that Kosh joined with Sheridan. Perhaps he was testing this mental link in All Alone in the Night?

Its a shame we couldn't have seen more of the fight between the Shadow and Vorlon ships.

GKarsEye January 9th 06 14:06

Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations
This the one where Sheridan tells Kosh "up yours?" That was pretty sweet.

fisheggs January 11th 06 01:12

Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations
Hope. Sacrifice. Kosh. " Up Yours". Vorlon ships!!

Whats not to love?

Boxie January 11th 06 01:34

Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations
This is a really amazing episode! That hallway scene with Sheridan and Kosh is one of my favorites of all time. For me, that scene depicted exactly what John Sheridan was made of. He knew Kosh could take him out if he wanted to, and that in all likelihood he would. Despite that, our boy didn't back down; he stood up to Kosh because Kosh was wrong...and then he took the hit he knew was coming. Now that's a man! ...It makes me tingle just thinking about it! :D

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