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dencor September 13th 12 11:47

Stephen Furst ?
Does anyone know what Stephen Furst is doing these days ? I have seen on Facebook how some of the cast reunites now and again but no Steven. IMDB does not show anything new for the past several years. Wherever you are Vir, your fans miss you.

Jan September 13th 12 15:55

Re: Stephen Furst ?
The last time I saw him at a convention, he said he was more of a producer than actor and seemed to like it that way. Don't know any other details, though.


dencor September 17th 12 07:07

Re: Stephen Furst ?
Thanks for the info Jan. Hopefully he is doing well.


JoeD80 September 18th 12 22:12

Re: Stephen Furst ?
He has been a co-host on a web-cast series dealing with kidney disease since 2006 (most recent one just a few weeks ago):


maneth September 23rd 12 08:38

Re: Stephen Furst ?
He's been doing mostly TV movies and shorts lately. Last thing I saw him in was Scrubs, as Dr. Franklyn. :lol:

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