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Sinclair October 19th 17 03:46

RIP Roy Dotrice
Roy Dotrice, who played Frederick Lantz in 'The Fall of Night', passed away at the age of 94.

Looney October 19th 17 04:57

Re: RIP Roy Dotrice
HOLY OMG!!!!! I've been reading about him and for some reason I wasn't putting it together until I read your post. I knew who he was from GOT, unbelievably I didn't connect him from those GOT episodes to Frederick Lantz. That almost NEVER happens to me. WOW! I can't believe that was him in GOT. I just knew him from so many other things and I didn't recognize that as him in GOT. So strange of me. Sure am glad he had a nice long run of 94. Sorry to hear he is gone, but 94 is seeing a lot. Fall of Night is one of my favorites, but then again most of them are one of my favorites.

Sinclair October 19th 17 22:16

Re: RIP Roy Dotrice
It was certainly great to see him in something so recent as GOT. He definitely had a great career.

KoshFan October 20th 17 13:22

Re: RIP Roy Dotrice
I had no idea he was still among the living! ...Until recently, that is.

At least he had a good long run, longer than some of our other losses.

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