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Demonn December 3rd 12 18:55

Re: The Walking Dead
Season 3 is going great... & I gotta say I really like Michonne so far. I hope she sticks around (ie: doesn't get bit) for a while.

Demonn February 11th 13 01:34

Re: The Walking Dead
NEW Episode comin' up...

Well I was not a fan of the ending, loved the rest of the ep though.

JonFrain September 22nd 13 06:00

Re: The Walking Dead
I read the comics after season 2. I wasn't happy with where they left off with the Governor in the TV series. I think it was a cost cutting thing to remain in the prison. But the good thing is that comic readers will have no idea where next season goes.

Demonn May 29th 17 17:13

Re: The Walking Dead
So... I've stopped watching right around when we meet Jesus and they go to the Hill Top. New Season started off with Neegan killing people. Should I continue to watch?

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