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vacantlook May 24th 06 02:06

EpDis: Racing Mars
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RW7427 May 24th 06 02:21

Re: EpDis: Racing Mars
I'm not really into the whole Mars/Wade/Mr. Edgars and etc. thing. I gave it a C.

vacantlook May 24th 06 03:02

Re: EpDis: Racing Mars
While I love the dynamic of the character interaction between Franklin and Marcus, I'm not all that fond of Captain Jack or of Wade. I do like the character of Number One, though, whom I think would have been neat to have seen even more of in the show. And as much as I like the story arc of Bester having telepathically programmed Garibaldi into socially distancing himself from everyone, I kind of end up feeling some of Sheridan's reactions (I'm not sure if it's how it's scripted, or if it's just how it's performed) feel a bit premature to me in this episode.

hypatia May 24th 06 03:42

Re: EpDis: Racing Mars
I love seeing it the second time around. Knowing there is a "Judas" in their midst.

Shaal Mayan May 24th 06 13:08

Re: EpDis: Racing Mars
C for much of the same reason as RW said .

Mike G May 24th 06 13:14

Re: EpDis: Racing Mars

fisheggs May 24th 06 17:41

Re: EpDis: Racing Mars
B from me, I liked the foreshadowing of the Keeper, and Susan's scenes with the smugglers was pure Ivaniva.

Springer May 26th 06 18:12

Re: EpDis: Racing Mars
I liked the Garibaldi storyline in season 4 with Wade and Mr Edgars, so I rate this one B, not least for the Garibaldi/Sheridan confrontation.

fafca May 28th 06 15:20

Re: EpDis: Racing Mars
"Mars"story - D, rest A. I love BBs acting, specially in Delenn´s quarter and in lift with Lennier. These scenes are one of my absolute favorites of the whole series.

Elipsis December 18th 07 16:58

Re: EpDis: Racing Mars
I call this "the sex episode" as there are so many sexual references in this episode it's hard to remember them all... I think there are 4 or 5 in total throughout the different plots.

The tension between Garibaldi and Sheridan brings this episode from a C+ to a B-, imo.

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