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Lennier's Tears May 16th 15 18:25

Re: EpDis: The Wheel Of Fire
The benefits of carrying a piece of Kosh seemed pretty obvious while that piece was there ("Jump! Now!"), but I'm very confused about the lasting effects. On the other hand, perhaps what we see in this episode is not a "skill" Sheridan has acquired,but rather the limits of Lyta's abilities. The Vorlons probably adjusted her so that she has power over non-Vorlons only. Maybe anyone who ever carried a Vorlon is similarly excluded for some reason?

Talvitar October 1st 18 17:52

Re: EpDis: The Wheel Of Fire
This is one of the episodes where I actually really like Dr. Franklin. I think he does a good job in all his scenes; I particularly liked the scene with him and G'Kar.
And his "I'll get the gun" was very giggleworthy :lol:

I like that Garibaldi's problem FINALLY comes out. About time!! I wasn't a big fan of Lochley's moving heart to heart speeches. Yes, it finally gave some more background and tied to "Day of the Dead" but... I just didn't find her very convincing.

Lyta - not a fan. I get why she is so angry but does she really have to go all out?
Although I do symphatize with her because of her loneliness - which I think might be the fate of any telepath outside a group of other telepaths. It is natural to be wary of someone who potentially has access into your mind, isn't it?

Londo :(

I hatehatehate the end-is-nigh feeling. Only three more episodes to go, and everyone is leaving B5 :(

Although I have purchased B5 movies!!! I blame this site entirely! Before this site, I was only vaguely aware that there might be some sort of a prequel movie; I had no idea that there were movies that continue the story!
I have bought The gathering, In the beginning, Thirdspace, The river of souls, and A call to arms. I don't have to leave B5 just yet...

Looney October 1st 18 23:59

Re: EpDis: The Wheel Of Fire
And don't forget get Crusade, Legend of The Rangers, and The Lost Tales. I hope you are using this as a guide for viewing order. It is a shame you didn't watch THE GATHERING first. At least that is what I assume since you said you just bought it.

Talvitar October 2nd 18 16:26

Re: EpDis: The Wheel Of Fire
^I never really knew there was a preceding movie when I saw B5 for the first and second time. Watching season one where they make references to past incidents, I sort of vaguely thought it was just some kind of artistic thing: making the viewers jump in the middle of things. Then, when I realized there was a movie (and others as well) I didn't think at first I'd be interested enough to get them. Finding this site, reading your texts, made me reconsider ;)

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