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LateArrival August 17th 22 22:32

Re: "Crusade: What the Hell Happened?"

Originally Posted by Springer (Post 468559)
It wasn't going to be 5 years searching for the cure, the cure was going to be found in season 2, the main storyline would be about the Shadow tech that Earth is using, as exemplified by the vessel that destroyed Gideon's ship. So I think it would have delved into Earth after Clark, and no doubt more B5 characters would have returned.

That's what I heard as well. Instead of appreciation for assistance with a certain plague, discovery of the Shadow hybrid ships (and people) would have made the Excalibur a target. It's possible (?) that the two written scripts which begin-ish that arc - "To the Ends of the Earth" and "End of the Line" - might be in the coming (?) soon WTHH books, as the early-early 3 volume set I have includes them. OV2 includes the script for the third written-but-unfilmed episode "Value Judgements", which would have been amazing with Walter Koenig returning as Bester. The OV books include other early draft-ish scripts which provide a glimpse into the where things might have been heading - what Could Have Been if not for delays in production and Suits putting their fingers in the pie. With hybrid Shadow ships and heavily-armed remnants of Psi Corps flitting about, what other skeletons does Earthgov have in their closet?


Originally Posted by Springer (Post 468559)
I think though what you describe as wanting is a direct sequel to B5, which I sympathise with, but I think that's a little bit unfair on Crusade as it was never about being that. When JMS first spoke of a sequel series, I think there were plans for it to be about the Rangers, 'Empire building' (I don't quite like the phrase, but developing the Alliance is what it means), and would have featured Sheridan and Garibaldi.

Did that concept turn into Legend of the Rangers?

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